The holiday season brings an increase in the purchasing power of the consumers. People who have not shopped for the entire year will surely take out time to shop for their holidays. You can find various strategies and tips which help you save money through online purchasing on a daily basis.

Changing Browser

Fewer people are aware that their browser changes affect the type of shopping and prices. There are some major employers who check on the dynamic pricing, and the prices may differ according to the browsers you are using.

If you are shopping online on Mac, then there will be another amount which will show, however, if you are on Windows then you will be seeing a different set of costs for online shopping. The browser decides how much you have to pay for a certain product for online shopping. If you want to look for best deals, then prefer to use Firefox or Chrome. The users who use safari or internet explorer tend to get higher prices as the result of their online shopping.

Incognito Mode

The zip codes determine whether you are someone with a higher income or not. According to the research, if you are not in the incognito mode, the rural areas and the urban ones are detected by the system.

The browser will know the location where you are and show you the prices according to that IP address where you are residing. If you are residing somewhere urban then surely the prices will be high. The online experience gets convenient when you are shopping in the incognito mode of the browser.

The browser makes the IP address private for you when you are in the incognito mode. You can open up the incognito in all of the browsers whether it is safari, chrome, Firefox or internet explorer. Go to the settings and then use the incognito window to continue shopping online.

Use DuckDuckGo

The search engine DuckDuckGo never makes the information appear or save it in the search engine when you are using it. You can search easily as a new user every time without any recommendations.

Clearing Cookies and History

Under the settings of privacy tab, you can check the cookies and history. Clear it up after every use which will not save the search which you have done online. You will not be able to see the relevant search every time you are looking for something online.

Price Comparison

You can use certain tools which can help you in comparing the prices and finding popular deals. There are add-on tools which tell you where the products are available at a cheaper price. You do not have to do it manually, but the add-ons do the work for you. The link pops up in the browser with the link showing you the exact product on a different website where you can purchase it.


Before you select an item to purchase, check for the coupons which you can utilize on the website. There are promotional codes on the website for the limited audience which you can avail. Sometimes the offers are amazing that you can get free items as well.