Is your girlfriend constantly sending your predictions on your future based on your zodiac sign, or talking about the compatibility between the both of you?

If so, chances are she’s got a keen eye for the astrology world, giving you the perfect starting place when it comes to choosing a gift for the next big occasion.

Whether you want to help nurture her interest in zodiac signs or help her be out and proud about her obsession, this list contains several gifts to cover all bases.

From jewelry to gift sets and even phone cases, this list contains a variety of zodiac-related gifts that are sure to win over the hearts of any zodiac fan.

Moon and Star Studs

Sometimes, telling someone that you care about their interests doesn’t have to be an overstated gesture.

If your girlfriend prefers more traditional, sophisticated presents, why not reference her zodiac obsession by treating her to a new pair of earrings?

Coming in gold, these earrings represent two of the most important symbols in astrology, providing your girlfriend with a constant reminder of the universe around her.

Reviews state that these studs are extremely high quality and good value for money, meaning this is a gift they will be able to make use out of for years to come.

Zodiac Constellation Necklace

Another option for a jewelry obsessed zodiac lover is a necklace related to their zodiac sign.

The product above displays two different versions, either a sign charm or the zodiac written in cursive, giving you the chance to choose which option your girlfriend would prefer.

Being so minimalistic, your girlfriend could wear this gift in any situation as a constant reminder of her love for you, and astrology. It can even be hidden under a shirt in situations like a corporate environment, where professionalism may prohibit obvious jewelry from being on the show.

Regardless of when she wears it, however, the thoughtfulness that goes into this gift is sure to make it a hit on her special occasion.

Twinkle In Time Customized Star Map

If your girlfriend is obsessed with sentimental gifts or is in dire need of a new home décor piece, why not surprise your girlfriend with a customized star map?

These maps by Twinkle In Time are completely customizable, giving you complete creative control over the event you choose to highlight with your gift.

This means that you can create a throwback to the first time you met, or when you got engaged, or something even more peculiar; like when you bought your first pet, or the first time you tried a new food together.

Regardless of the occasion, these maps are the perfect way to show you have put a lot of thought into your purchase, which is sure to win your girl over in no time.

Being a print, it’s going to stay with her for years to come and could potentially turn into a way of sharing treasured moments with your children down the line.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps may be primarily known for their rumored health benefits, but they are also extremely popular among astrology lovers.

This is because the salt itself is made up of the same elements as in our primordial or ancient oceans. Our blood is also made up of similar elements, which is why some believe the lamps can help heal negative emotions.

Those interested in astrology and the world as a whole often believe, in addition to or instead of the prior notion, that Himalayan Salt Lamps can help improve our relationships with Earth itself.

Even if your girlfriend is more interested in the aesthetic side of the zodiac world, this salt lamp can still be enjoyed. Emitting a low, red glow, it will transform the feel of a room in an instant, allowing them to feel zen and relaxed within no time at all.

This item was also included on CoolThingChicago’s best birthday gift ideas guide here, so you’re sure to be onto a winner if you gift them this!

Astrology Gift Set

In the busy environment we live in, it can be incredibly difficult to find time to ourselves, and even when we do, it’s hard to feel like we deserve it.

If this sounds like your ambitious girlfriend, why not remind her of her need for some pampering by gifting her this personalized astrology gift set?

One of the focal points of these gifts sets is a personalized candle with a label on it that states, “you are my favorite [zodiac sign here].” You can personalize this further by choosing the scent of the candle, making sure it’s one your other half will love.

Alongside this, the gift set also contains a luxurious soap, body butter, and a bath bomb, as well as matches for said candle. The Astrology Gift Set is also one of GiftWits’ Best Gift Ideas for 2019.

Astrology Phone Case

Nobody likes to leave their phones unprotected, but indecisiveness has left many of us opting for boring, clear cases to protect our phones.

If this is the case for your girlfriend, or her current case is looking worn down, why not surprise her with a new phone case related to her obsession?

This astrology phone case, in particular, has everything a zodiac lover loves, with illustrations referencing the sun and moon, planets, and various constellations.

It’s worth bearing in mind that this product is only available on iPhone 6 devices and later. If your girlfriend owns one of these models, however, this is sure to be a winning gift and available for just $15.00, it’s not too expensive either!


As you can see, the list above provides several different options for gifts for your zodiac obsessed girlfriend.

Whether they’d like something more subtle and understated like astrology-related earrings or are more suited to a personalized star map of a special occasion, this list contains something for everyone.

In addition to catering to different personality types, we’ve also included gifts that cover a multitude of budgets, ensuring you can surprise your girlfriend regardless of how much you have to spend.