Finding a gift that would ‘wow,’ your girlfriend is a task in itself. Whether you are planning to surprise her on her birthday or give her a ‘just because’ gift, the stakes are quite high. These special moments play a major role in strengthening your relationship. However, if gone wrong, it could easily turn into bad memories.

Take a breather because we are here to help you with a list of the top eleven gift ideas you can present to your girl that she won’t ever forget.

  • Thoughtful frame

Having a little ‘old school’ approach wouldn’t hurt anyone. In fact, that’s something unexpected these days and is likely to be more appreciated. When everything is at a comfort of your single click, going out of the way to get a picture printed for a thoughtful frame can be an incredible gift for your girl.

Just be very choosy with the pictures. Buy an album or a frameset and craft your own story with it. If you want to take this to the next level, consider building up the entire thing from scratch. You can check out different DIY frame ideas for inspiration.

Frame or album with pictures is a sentimental gift that she may find very cute and meaningful.

  • A professional camera

So while you were scrolling her Instagram and Facebook pictures to find the perfect one for the frame, you may realize her passion for photography and change your mind for her gift. Indeed, for any girl who loves photography, a camera is the dream gift.

Check out the range of professional cameras and find something interesting for your hipster girl. A gift like this calls for an adventure!

  • A plush blankie

A girl never grows up when it comes to her extra soft, plush blanket. It’s a very thoughtful gift that can make every day more pleasant and memorable.

In addition to choosing the softest material, make sure you pick a nice color and pattern that matches with her room setting. The more thought you put in the gift, the more ‘wow’ factor you will add to it.

  • Customized jewelry

Jewelry is naturally a very special gift. It’s something that would remind her of you every time she pulls it out to wear it. To make it even more special, go for a customized jewelry piece. Pendants with her name or initials, a ring with a special date, or a pair of earrings with her birthstone – there are so many ideas you can pick from.

If you celebrate a special ‘date’ together, get it engraved on the jewelry she uses the most and watch her jump with excitement.

Can’t think of any customized option? Don’t forget, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

  • A luxury bag

While your girl loves all the compliments she gets from you; she will be delighted if she gets them from other people too. And buying her a hot, new handbag can guarantee that. If you have a super trendy girlfriend, a luxurious handbag is a perfect gift to spice up her style.

If you know your girl, you would know if bags are her thing. So if the answer is yes, get started on the bag hunt, get her a luxury piece, and she will say ‘wow.’

  • Decor for her living space

If she has those ‘homemaker’ instincts, decorative items for her living space will make a well-appreciated gift. This shows true appreciation of how well she maintains her place and how you would love to contribute and make it more attractive and livelier.

Colorful wall art, paintings, duvet, or an interesting tapestry can be a great gift for your girlfriend. A gift so thoughtful will make her fall in love with you again.

  • A red leather jacket

Do you want to surprise her with a great piece for her wardrobe Believe it or not, you can never go wrong with red leather jackets Women love and appreciate if their guy buys them an outfit or something for their closet. However, this could really go wrong if you are not aware of her taste and choice.

But if you want to play a safe bet, a red leather jacket it is! It’s a high-quality, versatile piece that adds the ‘wow’ factor to any closet.

  • Concert tickets for two

How would you feel if your girl presents you with tickets of your favorite ball game? The feeling is likewise when you present her with tickets for a concert of her favorite singer or band. That’s not only one exciting gift, but it also gives you an opportunity to hang out together and make more memories.

Even a gift is all about experiences.

  • A workout gear

If your girl is a fitness freak, workout gears are never enough for her. The more she has, the better. Also, when you present her with something she is passionate about, it gives her more encouragement and support from you as a boyfriend.

This gift is thoughtful because she could sense your appreciation towards her commitment to fitness and health. This could be your chance to show her you care.

  • A cozy pillow

Don’t you want to be on her mind when she gets into bed and snuggles up? To bring her your thoughts at the right time, give her this gift of warmth, which is priceless.

A cozy pillow with a customized message or a picture of you two is the best gift you can give her for a special day. Every time she cuddles up to it or reads the message on it, you will instantly be all over her mind. Things could even turn out quite steamy and exciting for you with this simple, cozy pillow that you can swing on even with a tight budget.

  • Makeup

For the diva you call your girlfriend, makeup can be an exciting gift. However, be sure to give her exactly what she wants. You can give the vouchers of her favorite makeup store or check her online carts to find out what she has been looking at lately.

To make it more exciting, pick a few different things and wrap it up together so she would open up herself to the excitement with every fold.

  • Final word

Knowing your girl can make this task slightly easier for you. So before you set out to plan the perfect gift to impress her, know what she has been looking for lately, her passions, interests, and inspiration, and plan your gift around it, so it seems more thoughtful and interesting.

The more time and effort you put in planning a gift, the closer you hit the dart.