The online gambling industry is getting evolved and advanced day by day. These advancements have some really positive effects not just on gamer’s lives but also on the casino’s owners’ lives. Online casinos have made lives easier as they are super convenient and feasible to gamble on. There is a huge variety when it comes to game options that make the experience even more fun.

The best casino experience can be achieved online. As time is passing, new online casino websites are being introduced which helps bettors enjoy a varied experience and choose the best. But there must be some unknown facts you are unaware of despite being an active user of online casinos. Are you eager to know them? If yes, then continue reading this article where we have shed light on some interesting facts about online casinos.

Boys Are All Around It

Do you know, online casino gamers are dominantly male. According to annual statistics, 70% of gamblers are male in these online casinos. It is the same case in most online games and betting is also included in this. Boys love gaming and they prove it here! More than half the percentage of players are boys and the big reason behind the success of online casinos are all those boys!!

Aged Over 30 Years Old

We must assume that most youngsters are more into gaming. But guess what? Most of the gamers are over 30 years old. This serves as a second source of income for them too as most of the youngsters get broken during this period of time and this can help in piling up their bank account.

The Devil Game

This sounds very odd, no? You would not be aware of this, but an online casino is also known as a devil game. Wonder why? Because if you add all the numbers on the wheel, it sums up as 666. This number is also known as the code number of the beast. Seems so scary! Don’t be afraid, this is not to scare you. Online casino is one of the most revenue-generating games for gamblers as they can earn lots and lots of money through it even without having to move from one place to another. What’s needed is just a PC or any device with a good and reliable internet connection.

How Old Is An Online Casino?

It took a lot of years before online casinos became known in this world. The first micro gaming site for the online casino was launched back in 1994. Since then, several new sites have been introduced and a lot of improvements have taken place. The older games were not so compatible as compared to the games present today. As time passed, advancements were done to the graphics and features like you would see in, which made the online gambling industry rise even more. We still expect to see a lot more developments by the passage of time.

Do You Know Where It Originated?

Online casinos are getting spread all around the world. Every online casino claims to give you the best experience, but do you know who was the first one? The honor goes to Italy, the term casino even has been originated from Italy. It is derived from the word Casa which means summerhouses and clubs. Italy was the first country to introduce casino and take it to higher places, and all around the globe. Other countries have learned a lot from them and have evolved through time.

24/7 Available

The best thing about online casinos is that they are available 24/7 and they never sleep! As these casinos do not require actual staff to carry out operations, therefore, they are available all the time.

Real Addiction

Guess what? According to statistical data, from every ten users accessing the internet, one of them is gambling on online casinos. This shows how addictive these online casinos are that people skip their Instagram routine and play casinos!!

The Biggest Win In The History

Millions of players sign up daily and play online and win a lot of money. But one victory would definitely make you jealous of the player. An anonymous man was playing on a Micro gaming site bet $0.75. So less, no? Guess how much he won? In just a moment, he proved that playing these games could never be wrong and won $21.7 through a jackpot. Oh my god, all of us would be so jealous of him!

Bonuses Matters 

Almost more than 70% of bonuses and promotions offered on different online casinos are true and given in reality! Most of us think that these online casinos are not reliable, if you think so, you might be wrong, because not every online casino and its bonuses are fake. If you choose a reliable website, then at the end of the day, you would definitely be having some extra money in your bank account and a lot of fun too!

Poker Can Become A Lucrative Second Career

Sportsmen and sportswomen would sometimes wonder what they will do once their sports career will end? There are plenty of options but it is observed that most retired players switched and became famous online casino players. Famous England striker Teddy Sheringham is one of the greatest examples of it. But it is not just that only sportsperson can choose this as their second career, many other broadcasters and writers also switched as a casino player and chosen it as their second career.

Online gambling is loved majorly because of the convenience it offers. Other reasons include several withdrawal options and reliability. You must be unaware of these amazing facts, but now you know almost everything about these amazing online casino sites, from where it was originated to the biggest victory! Now you are definitely ready to give a start to your online casino career too!