With the warming of the weather and the return of color in the nature around you, spring brings many gifts. It is a wonderful season to try a new hobby, visit outdoor events, and celebrate. If you know someone lucky enough to celebrate their birthday in the spring, you should have no difficulty picking something for them that will be immediately useful for this season. Still, in case you need some inspiration, you can also consider some of the ideas below.

1. A book set

Have you ever been given a book to read, and just put it off until it was time to return it or the person asked about it? The truth is, a single book does not carry the same burden of responsibility as a whole book set. After all, if someone receives a book set as a present, it would be strange for it to be lying around without them ever reading it.

Casting aside the great advantage of pressuring your friend or loved one to try new literature, there is also the tantalizing visual aspect. Book sets are usually packaged together in a unique and intricate designs representative of the book contents. Even if the person does not find the books too interesting, that should not stop them from enjoying the book set aesthetics.

2. A customized notepad

While spring is often associated with enjoying new information, literature, and works of art, the same can be said about creating these things. This is a creative time, and few things can stimulate creativity like a cool notepad. Notepads come in myriad varieties, so it will be up to you to choose a custom option for the gift-receiver.

You can even get a customized notepad with their name or a special slogan that will mean something special to them. They will love a notepad for writing. Do they enjoy drawing more? If so, a wide notepad will be great for housing their sketches. Whatever it is that your friend/loved one likes to do, you can pick out a great notepad that will let them enjoy it more.

3. A duffel bag

Winter is the time when people try fulfilling New Year’s resolutions such as getting a gym membership, but spring is the time when they actually get serious about it. With summer approaching quickly, many people start exercising religiously, and a duffel bag makes a great fitness tool. Even if your friend does not frequent a gym, a duffel bag can serve them well in countless life situations, from picnics to traveling to keeping a kit of essential items.

4. A brewing kit

Brewing is said to be a male-dominated practice, but this all depends on what is being brewed. Plenty of women enjoy a home-brewed cider, so a brewing kit tailored to the drinking preference of the gift-receiver could just become one of their favorite home appliances.

5. A camera

Whether it is due to the abundance of sunlight or the influx of beautiful colors, spring is a great time for photos, and a camera can prove very useful in committing these wonderful moments to physical memory. Most of us carry a camera in our smartphones, but a separate professional device will grant many perks in addition to superior quality.