Medical science is striving hard to improve the existing treatments and technologies to reach to the new heights of success so that patients could get better IVF treatment; the similar effort of medical science has come in front when it introduced the innovative technique of Endometrial scratching. Even the studies have claimed that the use of this technique during IVF can increase the clinical success of IVF by 20%.

Endometrial Scratching & IVF |
Endometrial Scratching & IVF

IVF is the revolutionary procedure which has made it possible for the infertile couples to get their baby at any age. It is the lab assisted reproductive procedure in which the female eggs are fertilized by mixing them with male sperm out from the body, under the controlled conditions of the lab, that mimic the mother’s womb, then the developing embryo is implanted in the mother’s womb for happy and successful pregnancy. Thus it is a really advanced procedure that has blessed many deprived couples still the doctors are not  100% sure about its success as there are many factors that can affect its success ratio but the most prominent factor is the successful implantation of the embryo in the uterus of the intended mother.

In many cases, the embryo implantation gets failed as a result of which women could not conceive even after multiple IVF cycles but recently new technique endometrial scratching has been introduced for ensuring the successful implantation of the embryo in the mother womb so that IVF can lead to the successful pregnancy or live birth. Studies have claimed that this technique has raised the chances of clinical pregnancy with IVF by 20% which is a really good number to consider.

Endometrial scratching can be defined medically as the damage to the inner lining of the womb which is administered medically, and it was initially introduced as an effective procedure for reproductive methods in 2003. This technique ensures the successful implantation of the embryo with a new lining that becomes more receptive for the embryo and the chances of getting pregnant for the women get increased however no evidence or indication for the ensure success has been given yet, but this technique could work positively for the success of IVF procedure.

Some studies have claimed that as the techniques like ICSI, blastocyst and per implantation genetic examination of the embryo can add to the chances f pregnancy with IVF in a similar manner, this technique can add to the chances of successful pregnancy with IVF. However no indication for success in the clinical trial of IVF with endometrial scratching technique has been given, but as per the experimentation was done on 350 IVF women some positive outcomes of this technique has been noticed.

Although this innovative technique is under trial and yet there is a long way to go but as per considering the claims of study this technique can bring a new revolution for the IVF treatment and can add to the success rates of this treatment.