We generally do many efforts to have an impressive and confident look for which styling our hair is the most prominent activity as we get the professional cuts, salon blowouts, washing, hair spa or having the stunning hairstyle to get a perfectly coiffed head of hair so that we could flaunt with our best looks. But if suddenly we discover the hair shedding then it cannot be less scary than any nightmare as hair loss not only give us bald patches but also dent our outer looks and confidence. If you are experiencing shedding of more than 100 hairs approximately on daily basis then you are a victim of hair loss which is also termed as alopecia medically.

After experiencing the hair loss, everyone including men or women could get shocked but it is time to get out of this shock and to do some efforts for controlling this shedding and to restore the hair back on the scalp. To solve any problem it is important to understand the cause and nature of that problem so before going through the options for hair restoration let us understand the reasons and types of hair loss so that accordingly we can have suitable hair restoration option.


Causes of hair loss

You may experience the hair shedding due to various reasons as follows

  • Stress is the biggest factor that may push the hair follicles from growing phase to the resting phase. Prolonged or excessive physical or mental stress due to work, physical condition, relationship issues, and illness or due to some trauma or accident can lead to hair loss.
  • Pregnancy is also the common reason for hair fall in women as during pregnancy or after the birth of baby many hormones changes occur in the body due to which females may experience the loss of hair
  • Excessive intake of Vitamin A in your daily intake may also lead to loss of your hair
  • Protein is considered as the main meal for the healthy hair so a deficiency of protein in the body may lead to the weakening or loss of hair follicles.
  • It is possible that you may get balding patches due to your parents’ means due to your genes that you generally inherit from your parents. This hair loss can also be a hereditary issue and in this case, balding genes can be inherited from any member of the parent’s family.
  • Hormonal imbalance is the prominent issue that can lead to hair loss this imbalance of hormones can be due to various reasons like after puberty, pregnancy, overweight or some health condition.
  • Anemia is also one condition that occurs due to iron deficiency and can lead to loss of hair follicles.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B can also be the cause of your hair loss
  • The thyroid is one condition in which patient can experience loss of hair not only from the scalp but also from body parts.
  • Hair loss can also be due to an autoimmune condition in which the immune system of the body becomes over-reactive and attack the body cells including the hair follicles and push them from the growing phase to resting phase.
  • If you suddenly have the dramatic weight loss due to some illness or trauma then also you can experience hair loss
  • Cancer patients generally lose their hair after chemotherapy as a side effect of the cancer drugs. In this condition patient may loss scalp hair and even loss of hair body parts including the face.
  • PCOS is the syndrome that happens in females with the imbalance of male or female hormones so this condition may also cause loss of hair in females.
  • Some medications like antidepressants or blood thinners may also cause the loss of hair loss and the birth control pills also lead to loss of hair in females.
  • Styling our hair can be our good habit for good looks but over styling can lead to the loss of hair as the heat producing equipment like dryers, straighter or curling irons can lead to the thinning or weakening of hair follicles as a result of which hair follicles get shed before their time. Even excessive use of chemical shampoos or other hair products may also cause loss of hair.
  • Age is also a prominent factor that can cause hair shedding as with the age our hair follicles get weaker and even enter into the maturity stage of their growth cycle so we have loss of hair in the later stage of life. Generally, people start to experience hair loss after the age of 40s due to their age factor.
  • Anabolic steroids can also lead to loss of hair follicles.

Thus there are numerous reasons for the hair loss and some reasons lead to temporary hair loss but some lead to permanent so according to the nature and extent of hair loss we can have the hair loss treatment.

Types of hair loss
Types of hair loss

Types of hair loss

Doctors generally plan for the hair loss treatment after examining the nature, extent, and type of hair loss thus it is very important to know that what type of hair loss you are having from the following types

Pattern hair loss

Most of the males or females suffer from the pattern hair loss which generally happens due to the hereditary problem. In very rare cases pattern hair loss can be due to some reasons like lifestyle choices, stress or something else. More than 50% of hair loss patients’ are suffering from this issue.

It is true that causes for pattern hair loss in males and females can be same but nature of hair loss in females’ pattern hair loss is different than the males. In male pattern hair loss men generally, have the loss of hair on crown areas and having M shaped hair loss. Men generally have the bald patches due to male pattern hair loss but females do not have bald patches but they experience the thinning of hair follicles all over the head.

Men generally have receding hairlines due to pattern hair loss but the females have diffuse hair loss due to this condition.

Telogen effluvium

Telogen effluvium is also one type of hair loss in which generally patients, especially women, get hair thinning and loss of hair follicles before their maturity phase. This type of hair loss can happen due to pregnancy or delivery of the baby, due to trauma, accident, major surgery, thyroid, improper diets or even due to extreme diets

Alopecia Areata

It is the condition of hair loss which generally happens due to the autoimmune disease means when the immune system of the body attacks the hair follicles and pushes them towards the shedding phase before the time. In such type of hair loss, patients may experience the patchy baldness in all over the head.

Anagen Effluvium

This is the type of hair loss in which the hair follicles get shed in their growing phase and it happens due to excessive exposure of some toxins or chemicals. This type of hair loss can also occur due to chemotherapy.

Cicatricial Alopecia

It is the type of hair loss in which the person may experience the hair loss due to scar tissue means in this type of hair loss the hair follicles get destroy and are replaced by the scar tissue. Even this problem can expand with the time.


It is also one type of hair loss but it is a very rare condition and in this condition, patient does not have hair from his birth due to some health condition

Thus there are various types of hair loss that can dent your personality, confidence or self-esteem. After the proper understanding of the reason and type of hair loss, your doctor may suggest you for the hair loss treatment as there are various options available for hair restoration but only the best suitable option can give you the best results.

Hair loss treatment options
Hair loss treatment options

Hair loss treatment options

Due to advancements of medical science, there are many options have been introduced that can help in controlling the hair loss or even can restore your hair naturally.


There are some medications like Minoxidil, Finasteride that can be used for treating the hair loss. These medications are quite effective for reversing the hair loss process and can help to hair follicles grow back. However, the effectiveness of these medications may vary according to the type of hair loss the person has.

Hair loss therapies

There are many hair loss therapies that can help the patient to get the hair back. Hair loss therapies are the non- invasive procedures that can give the effective results with naturally growing hair without side effects. Therapies like PRP or laser can help the patients of hair loss patients to restore their crown glory. PRP therapy is the procedure in which enriched cells taken from patient’s own blood are injected in the hair loss affected areas as a result of which hair growth get stimulated and dead hair follicle get activated and start growing.

In the laser therapy, the laser of a specific wavelength is used to activate the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissues as a result of which patients could have naturally growing hair.

Non-medical options

There are also some non-medical options available for the people to hide their bald patches like wearing wigs, hair replacements, caps or getting shaved head due to which people can have to hide their hair loss consequences including thinning or bald patches of hair. these are very safe, instant and cost-effective option for covering hair loss as by choosing the hair replacements patients can get instant results and even can have the hair of their desired length, density, color, texture and even of any style that is why people who do not want to go for medical treatments they choose these methods for covering their baldness.

Cosmetic procedure

Some cosmetic procedure like micro pigmentation can help the patients to hide their baldness as in this procedure cosmetic tattoo or dots are designed with the medical ink on the scalp of the patient that mimic the natural hair so with this non-invasive procedure patient can have the denser look of hair.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant in India is the widely accepted option for restoration of hair .it is the surgical procedure in which loss resistant follicles are extracted from the back head and are transplanted back in the bald or thinning areas of the scalp. This procedure can give the natural looking hair to the patient that grows for a lifetime.

For this surgical restoration mainly two methods FUT and FUE are used but most of the surgeons prefer FUE hair transplant in India as this method can give the undetectable hair without scars, stitches, and pain as in FUT method of hair restoration strip of hair follicles is extracted from the back head as a result of which patient could have the linear scar and even it becomes difficult to hide.

In FUE hair transplant individual hair follicles are extracted depending on their properties and loss resistant so instead of liner incision several tiny incisions are made in the back head of the patient that leaves the dot like scars. These tiny scars get healed after some time thus FUE can give the more reliable, safe, natural and undetectable results to the patient.

Hair transplant is the revolutionary procedure that can restore the natural looking hair of the patient but it is possible only if you have chosen the best surgeon as for this procedure high experience, knowledge and artistic skills are needed and even only the specialist can know how to utilize the best skills and top notched technology to give the outstanding results to patient.

Thus, it is important to know your hair loss so that you can plan your hair restoration journey according to your choice and preferences for the ideal destination.