Almost everyone enjoys the results of good breweries. It is relaxing to enjoy a brew at the end of a long day, share a beer with friends or have a cold one with dinner. What you may not be aware of are the five most incredible facts about breweries.


1 – The Perfect Temperature

Ensuring beer remains fresh and cold prior to shipping is critical for any craft brewer to succeed. North Slope Chillers have released a chiller line for this purpose. These coolers can be angled, operate using minimum sound, have reach-in glass doors, be located outside and fulfill whatever special circumstances are necessary. U.S. Cooler is the parent company for Brew Cave, and they have been in business since 1986. Their employees have gained a lot of experience catering to a wide variety of industries including grocery and convenience stores, bars, and manufacturing and scientific facilities.

The cold storage warehouses hold the kegs and cases prior to being shipped as seen at The beer is kept at the ideal temperature with chillers. The highest priorities are efficiency and quality. Every refrigerator offers maximum energy efficiency through the use of insulated panels four inches thick. This makes the fermentation temperature perfect. Breweries are able to save thousands of dollars in cooling costs every year by storing cases and kegs in this well-insulated environment. The use of these refrigeration units makes certain recently brewed beer is evenly cooled at remains at the correct fermentation temperature with no fluctuation. An automated process precisely cuts every panel, and quality control is assured by test assembling every refrigerator.

The Breweries
The Breweries

2 – The Breweries

Even the truest connoisseur can always learn a new fact or two about their favorite breweries and beers. A lot of people are unable to explain the difference between a traditional brewery and a craft brewery. According to The Brewer’s Association, an American craft brewer is an independent, traditional and small brewery that produces traditional beer. The production for a craft brewery is limited, with a limit on the number of barrels they are able to produce in any given year. Despite these limitations, there are approximately 2,820 craft breweries located in the United States. This does not include the number of home breweries, including Barack Obama’s. Each brewery has their own specialty and even brews a new beer on occasion.

3 – The Production of Beer

Every country loves beer, and the top ten producers are listed below. Spain is number ten with a production of 3.27 million kiloliters. Spain was the first European country to produce beer nearly 4400 years in the past. Poland is number nine and has been producing beer since the Middle Ages. The country generates about 3.956 million kiloliters of beer every year. The United Kingdom comes in at number eight, began brewing beer in 54 BC and has invented more types of beer than any other nation. They produce 4.1956 million kiloliters of beer per year. Japan is number seven with a production rate of 5.5321 million kiloliters each year. The country began brewing beer during the 1600s after the Dutch arrived. Mexico is number six with 8.25 million kiloliters per year. Mexico exports 16.5 percent of the beer in the world.

Russia is number five with 8.912 million kiloliters per year. The only drink more popular than beer in Russia is vodka. Germany takes fourth place and has been brewing beer since the Middle Ages. Brazil is third with 13.46 million kiloliters every year. The country has been brewing beer since the 1800s. Number two is the United States with 22.43 million kiloliters each year. The first official brewery opened during the 1600s. Almost 85 percent of all alcoholic drinks consumed within the country is beer. China wins at number one with 85 percent of the market share. The production volume is 46.5438 million kiloliters. Their success is attributed to their early start in 7000 BC.

Oldest Breweries in United States
Oldest Breweries in United States

4 – The Oldest Breweries in the United States

The oldest breweries survived the Great Depression and Prohibition. Anheuser-Busch was founded in 1852 in St. Louis, Missouri. They are responsible for refrigerated rail cars, the classic Budweiser beer and increasing the shelf life of beer by using pasteurization. The Minhas Craft Brewery persevered through the cold winters of Wisconsin. This brewery was founded more than 171 years ago in 1845. The brewery is located in Southern Wisconsin and now encompasses three city blocks. The Pabst Brewing Company is also located in Wisconsin and has been around since 1844. The company originated as the Empire Brewery before becoming Best & Sons. The sons eventually left and established the Miller Brewing Company. When Phillip Best died, the brewery went to Frederick Pabst, his daughter’s husband. This is when it became the Pabst Brewing Company.

The F & M Schaefer Brewing Company was established in 1842. The brewery is still operational and now owned by Frederick Pabst. The most well-known contribution of this brewery is this is where the oldest American lager originated. The oldest brewery in the United States is D.G. Yuengling & Son. The brewery was founded in Pottsville, Pennsylvania by a German immigrant in 1829. The brewery is still going strong in the same building it was using in 1831. This brewery is the fourth biggest beer distributor in America. D.G. Yuengling & Son only distributes to fourteen states so not everyone has tasted their brew. The saying is their traditional lager tastes just like history.

5 – The Most Haunted Brewery

The Moon River Brewery was established in 1821 in Charleston, South Carolina and is believed to be haunted. The basement is said to be haunted by a ghost the staff named Toby. Toby has been reported silently moving in the shadows. There are ghost tours available at this brewery and people have sworn they heard voices, although they were unable to make out the words. Some said parts of their bodies went numb while they were there. The second floor is believed to be haunted by James Stark. He was shot by Phillip Minas, the town physician right on the brewery staircase not too far from the kitchen. There are a lot of different versions of these old stories told by the people living in Savannah. The stories change with the person. According to the legend, the ghost of James Stark still roams through the Moon River Brewery.