The capital city of the United Kingdom, London is a beautiful place situated on the banks of River Thames. It is the most populous city of the United Kingdom. London is a global leading city in terms of finance as it has the largest financial center. London is also known as world’s cultural capital.  Moreover, it is also known for art, fashion, education, science, tourism and more.

Visiting London

London is assumed to be a beautiful location for traveling, studies, and fashion. A trip to London would certainly cost you a lot of money, and here we are with some tips to visit London within a particular budget. Won’t it be easier for a common man to visit this very beautiful place, as everything will be according to your budget. When you plan your vacation according to your schedule and the places to visit.

Plan the Trip Beforehand: While visiting a place like London, you should make a plan beforehand, before booking the tickets. Planning includes the schedule of the trip, the top places to visit in London, hotels to stay in and shopping places. If you have the right places on your list, your visit would be enthralling and happening just like the place itself is.

Ticket Booking: For money saving deals on the trip to London, you can check out on the various traveling sites, which offer many budgets for your trip. It can begin from 10,000 and beyond. It depends on the customers as to which package they select. You can choose your budget according to the number of days you plan to visit the place. Also, you can choose the package according to the money value of the same. For example, if a seven-day tour to London comes with a package value of 15000, it’s a good choice. The travel websites offer good packages which help you save some money. Selecting a good package ensures a good trip for you.

Booking Hotels Online: Once you have your travel package booked, you can also book a hotel in that very place. The travel websites also provide this opportunity to book hotels in London and the prices that fits your pockets. From a long list of hotels available, you can read the reviews provided by the customers, and choose the best suitable hotel or serviced apartments on rent for yourself and your family.

Rented Accommodation: You would love London and want to stay here for long. In place of investing your money in hotels, take rented apartments/Flats in London for yourself. These apartments are furnished and are stylishly designed with all basic amenities. The apartments offer impressive receptions with balconies offering wonderful views of the city. The apartments offer you comfortable living with all modern facilities like concierge service, residents-only gym, wi-fi, swimming pool, and bicycle storage. To make the work of taking flat on rent easier, you can hire a good renting agent to find a perfect rental home for you. The renting agent will find the right accommodation for you depending on your needs, requirements, and budget.

Done with the above things, you are all set to fly off to your favorite city.  You should also keep an eye on things like cheap hotels, eating places and shopping streets. While checking in to the hotel, you should find out the famous tourist places and plan your tour accordingly.  You can even inquire about the transport services in London from the hotel. Manager and they will guide you on the right path.

Buy Oyster Cards or Travel Cards: Before traveling to London, you should purchase oyster cards, in order to keep up with your payment things. At the tube stations and bus services, you can’t make cash payments, and therefore, you should have the cards which will help you save some money while traveling. These cards are electronically credited and you can use them while traveling through tubes or buses.

Sight-Seeing in London: You should opt for the famous places and plan a visit to them on the first day of your trip. Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Madame Tussauds Museum are the featuring places of London, that one must visit. London is a place of art and history. You can even keep science museum if you’ve got a deep interest in science. Victoria and Albert Museum displays different artifacts and should be a must visit on your travel list. London museum should also be on your list as it displays. Middle age artifacts. Visiting such museums, watching plays, and walking around the banks of the river Thames, is what completes your journey to London.

Night outs in London: If you are music lover and night person, you can look for pubs that offer happy hours offered during the night. Maybe, you can also join the students nightclub in London, for a cheaper club experience. You can also check the clubs, music shops, cafes on the travel manager website. Also, you can make the bookings in the clubs, cafes before visiting the clubs.

Food Chains: You can also find a chain of restaurant or cafes in London which provide cheap food. London also possesses some food trucks which serve mouth-watering food. Some food ranges like McDonald’s, and Subway are also available for you to order food and satisfy your taste buds. The street vendors in London are cleaner and cheaper, and you can tantalize yourself with the authentic taste of the food served therein. Indian restaurants can also be found. To bring to your notice, you can also visit the Indian market in London, and there you can find all the grocery items and Indian restaurants as well. A perfect place to visit when you’re exploring London.

Shopping Hours: You can find cheap and fashionable shopping streets in London. You can search for shops like Primark and London’s Vintage stores for more cheaper shopping range. Another important place where you can find luxury goods in Mayfair, large shopping centers like Westfield is also worth visiting to satisfy your fashion needs. Oxford Street is also a must visit for shopping if you’re in London.

Keeping the above-illustrated points in mind, you can make your trip to London happier one. A pre-planned trip is the exciting one as you’re visiting a certain place for the first time and you are enthusiastic enough to visit the places and adore the beauty. Following such a path, your trip would be enthralling and enclosed in a certain budget that you can afford.