Smartphones have evolved since they have been launched in this digital world. Making things easier for mankind and tempting people with their features, smartphones have become a significant part of our lives.

At regular intervals, a new and improvised version of the smartphone is launched that lures people to ditch their current phone and jump to the next best alternative. Shifting from one device to another is a common practice to avail of the best features of the smartphone. When shifting to a better phone, there’s one concern that haunts a majority of people; transferring device data. Whether it is to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone or share your photos, videos, and other relevant documents, it is important to copy data from your old phone to a new phone. If you are switching from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, you would have to find the best ways to transfer your data safely. Data transfer to new iPhone can be made simple if you know the right approaches.

Here are a few best methods to make a seamless transfer from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android:-

Use Applications To Share Locally – dr.fone – Switch 

Taking assistance from application and software is the most effective and popular ways to transfer data from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android. There are plenty of cross-platform applications that allows a safer and quicker transfer. dr.fone – Switch is one such reliable app that is highly preferred for its single click and high-speed transfer that has made the process a lot simpler for people.

With dr.fone – Switch, you can seamlessly transfer data between your Android and iPhone devices. It is compatible with all smartphone devices and platforms that include Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Higher transfer speed is the major attraction of the dr.fone – Switch app. You can share your files, photos, text messages, music, documents, and every relevant data within 3 minutes. If you are searching for the best means to transfer your files instantly and hassle-free, dr.fone is the place you should get your things done.

Send It Via Mail

One of the secured forms of transferring data without any hassle is sending it via your mail. For years, emails have remained the easiest form of transferring data between people. If you have recently switched to a new phone, be it Android or iPhone, you can simply share your files, documents, photos, and other relevant data over the mail. By sharing via mail, you can even share large files, as well.

Use Cloud Storage Service

Seeking assistance from a cloud storage service is yet another great way to share and store your files safely. Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are a few of the big names that have been serving people with their storage services. You can simply backup your data on any of these platforms and access it on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Wireless Storage Solution

You can also use wireless storage to transfer your data effectively from one device to another. USD drive with ample storage space will help you out in transferring data wirelessly. Get an amazing USB stick and shift all your data to it, connect it to your new phone, and access all your old data on a new phone.

Online File Transferring Service

Just like the data transfer application, there are plenty of online transfer services that let you share your files over the internet. You just need to log in to these sites, upload your data properly, and share it the device you wish. Once the data is shared with your new device, you can download it using the same credentials. A majority of these online file transferring services lets you share up to 2GB – 4GB sized files.

Shifting to a better smartphone is quite a common practice among gadget geeks who always want the better version of smart devices. Android and iPhone are two of the most popular smartphone types that a majority of people make a switch between. When it comes to shifting from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, you need to ensure that your data is safely transferred. Whether it is to transfer text messages or share pictures, every data stored on your device is relevant.

The above mentioned were some of the great ways to make easy and effortless data transfer from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android. Choose your ideal approach and make sure nothing is lost between the processes. If you want to share your data through data transfer apps, dr.fone is the name for you.