Dirt Bikes
Dirt Bikes

The first time you rode a dirt bike you were hooked. At the very least, it’s remained in your life as a hobby, but if you’re like most dirt bikers, it’s evolved into a full-blown lifestyle. To get the most out of it, you have to have the latest gear, including mods to boost performance. Innovation is in your blood as much as adventure. Indulge both by investing in any or all of the following five dirt bike mods.

Modifications for Performance Improvement

When you’re looking at discount ATV parts and wondering how to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll likely hone in on the modifications that can improve your bike’s overall speed and performance. There are a few key part improvements that give you a maxed out return on investment:

  1. Suspension: Suspension is one of the most common upgrades to make for a dirt bike. It can be expensive and time-intensive, but the results are a smoother ride and flexibility around curves.
  2. Tires: Even if you’re looking for cheap ATV tires, a simple upgrade can make all the difference in giving your bike the traction and speed you need.
  3. Carb tuning: Your dirt bike’s carburetor controls delivery of fuel and air into the engine, so an adjustment can hugely improve its overall performance.
  4. Gearing: Your bike’s gearing parts, including its chain and sprocket, can be upgraded to achieve higher speeds and faster acceleration.
  5. Exhaust: Swapping a dirt bike’s exhaust for an aftermarket mod can lower your bike’s center of gravity and give it a more easily maneuverable feel.

The Right Aftermarket Mods for Your Bike

There are countless ways to boost the performance, speed, and power of your dirt bike. With modifications and aftermarket upgrades, you can enjoy dominance on your own private terrain or take things competitive and run the races. Get the best results for your time and money with any of these five sick mods.