Digital Nomads can be explained as the people who do not have a proper workplace to tend to. They can set up their office wherever and whenever they want! Usually, they telework, meaning contact employers and clients by phone or email. These people are young and can be seen working in the knowledge economy sectors such as marketing, IT, design, and writing disciplines to name a few.

A term called home office can be ascribed to these individuals. Many work as freelancers having given up the daily routine of 9-5 and a desk job. At the helm of it, digital nomads are travelers. Although it’s a good way to explore the world whilst working, being on the road has its downsides than a regular paying job. What can we say, they chose this lifestyle.

Speaking of downsides, they could range from missed deadlines, hectic schedule, to changing time zones or missing that plane, you needed to be on. Yes, good internet (check uverse internet) is important for your business but there are certain apps that can help you be more efficient – making everything convenient for you.

It will be difficult, yes, but then again what did you expect? Being your own boss comes at a price and that too when you are meeting different people, experiencing cultural diversity and are mobile. Amidst all this, following apps will certainly come in handy to make your time less hectic and more exhilarating:

  1. Trello

Trello is a great way by means of which your efficacy for work will go unaffected, while on the road. The service is free, and you can generate several boards for on-the-go projects and ideas. For those in travel, managing a lot of notes becomes a nuisance. Thus, Trello helps you accumulate everything in one place. You can easily retrieve them, later. Just drag and drop and in an instant, you can cooperate, share notes, leave comments and monitor the overall campaign’s progress.

This incredible tool can serve as an alternative to other project management software. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

  1. lux

This app lets you work late at night or in the early hours of the morning; without letting your eyes get hurt. As with all digital folk, not just nomads, they tend to read or check their emails on their smartphones and tablets before going to bed. UV/blue light from the screen can prove to be detrimental for your eyes and can interfere with sleep patterns.

F.lux can help in this regard, by adjusting the color of your monitor or phone’s display according to the time of the day. It will turn the display to warm at night and sunlit during the day to keep your productivity levels optimum without adversely impacting your eyesight, and especially when you’re a traveler your productivity is directly proportional to income you earn. Wasn’t leaving the desk job part of living a healthy/balanced lifestyle, in the first place?

  1. Focus@Will

Many a time, we come across places around the globe such as crowded bus stations or bars where concentrating on work becomes difficult because of noise pollution. Focus@Will can help you in the matter by filtering white noise in your surrounding/background based on the neuroscience-based methodology. It has proved to be more useful for concentrating with its wide variety of simple tunes as opposed to playing songs.

  1. Shopify

As the name implies you can shop for secure hosting and mobile optimized e-commerce stores with the option of 70 payment methods at your disposal and a very affordable pricing. The application can help one set up his own website, blog and even an e-tail store – no matter how less of a programming or coding knowledge the person has. It’s a great app for money-making while being creative and explorative of nature, all at the same time.

  1. Rescue Time

Time management is the issue faced by everyone. How to make the most out of the 24-hours made available to you which somehow seem less to execute what we want to, amidst of time dedicated to sleeping and three meals of the day. Rescue Time is one such app that assists digital nomad folks, out there!

These individuals due to traveling may find themselves “wasting” their valuable time and not producing enough work or contributing to the task at hand in those hours. Install it and Rescue Time will give you an exact break or will quantify things for you as to how much time you spend in doing a certain activity. In light of those statistics, you can adjust and prioritize your to-do list.

  1. Every Time Zone

With this app you will never miss out on deadline because of the difference in time zones, say if you’re in New Zealand and your client/employer is sitting in West Coast and you are tasked with reporting your daily work log in at around 9 pm GMT or come over on Skype for the online meet at 11 am EST. _____??

Due to time zone difference, keeping up with deadlines can get complicated not knowing what time will be there, would I even be up at that time? Or will I be asleep? So forget the math of figuring that hour of the day and simply add all time zones to Every Time Zone and let it keep a record of which client/employer you need to respond or interact with and … at what time!

Easy isn’t it?

  1. XE Currency

Traveling the world also calls for the right currency, depending on which part you’re currently in. For digital nomads, it’s quite common to be under similar conditions. You probably carry two (at best) currencies, at any given time.

With XE Currency converter, you will have the power of checking conversion rates in real-time. Therefore; the next time when you decide to pay for a transaction just know that you’re being charged a fair price. Once synchronized ahead of time, you can access conversion rates offline as well.

The app is available on all major platforms.


There are many other apps in addition to the above that offer countless benefits to digital nomads but this list is meant to give you an idea as to how you can make your journey easier while working, seamless and worthwhile. The main objective for you is to not give up and keep trying to make your work better with each passing day.