Do you have a music lover in your life? It might be high time you surprised him or her with a nice music gift. This acquisition not only enhances their passion for music but also strengthens your friendship bonds. Just by looking at the gift purchased, he or she sees intense concern and love.

However, proper attention has to be awarded to this process. Don’t just wake up in the morning and purchase ear plugs or pay for guitar lessons, without abiding by some important factors. Unfortunately, you will be in for a rude shock. However, knowing their preferences will prevent you from making a fuss out of it.

Below are some of the gifts you can acquire for your music lover.


Carrying around a sound speaker to listen to your favorite music is not only hard but also stressful. However, you can save your music lover from this traumatic experience. Surprising them with quality plugs will really enhance their love for music. They can continue listening to their favorite tracks while doing their jogging or running house errands. Though, you have to know the earplugs they love. This is through having a discussion on the available earplugs. Ensure you do not reveal your intention to them, in order to spice up your surprise to the music lover.

Lyric Speaker

As she listens to her favorite music, in some instance you will see her singing to the lyrics. At some point, she might fumble with some lyric lines. Honestly, such an ordeal is not what you anticipate for your music lover. Getting her a lyric speaker will ensure she learns by heart all her favorite music lyrics in the shortest time possible. This Interactive element will display song lyrics as they play simultaneously with the track.

Guitar lessons

Listening to music alone may not be enough for your music lover. Maybe playing that favorite track on a guitar will increase the love for that particular song. You can have your music lover enrolled for guitar lessons and got to play all his/her favorite music. Sincerely, this might be the best gift ever and a show of respect to what she dearly esteems, music. So, find a suitable and reliable guitar trainer or an institute that offers guitar lessons and cover the necessary fees, for your music lover to get trained.

Beats by Dre’s Studio3 Wireless

Walking around as you listen is with no doubt a nice experience. Since music inspires you as you do some tasks, having these headphones might enhance your work output. Your strolls will be enjoyable and worth having always. Making this acquisition for your music lover will make them enjoy music to a great extent. A pair of Beats by Dre headphones is long-lasting thus giving you value for your money. You will not have to go looking for other headphones. So once your music enthusiast receives this gift from you, happiness and gratitude will be greatly shown. Since your music lover is a serious listener, you cannot afford to fail to make this purchase.

Record Player

Record players are an awesome accessory. They bring back the good old times. Listening to jazz music as it plays on this equipment will ensure you enjoy every bit of the track. So, in case your music lover is obsessed with this analog and vintage equipment, purchasing one for him or her will do them great good. You just have to check which one has quality specifications and buy it. An all in one record player will really do any music lover some great service. It has a built-in radio and internal speakers. Furthermore, you get to enjoy digital and USB recording abilities that allow conversion of CDs, records, and tapes into MP3.

Music not only makes your life enjoyable but also ensures a healthy body. This is through getting rid of stress. As a result, various people come with different music preferences. That is why your music lover might be deeply into house music or hip-hop. However, in order to enjoy this music, there are enhancements in the name of accessories and gadgets that have to be purchased. As a concerned party, you can buy for her or him as a gift, especially during birthdays.

Music Subscriptions

Music fans love nothing more than an excellent and refreshing library of songs. There are plenty of music subscriptions available today: Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora Premium, SoundCloud, etc. If your music lover is into creating music, they’ll love SoundCloud Pro membership which includes unlimited music uploads! You can also help them get exposure to a wider audience by buying SoundCloud promotions from MyMusicViral.