Although it is imperative to work hard in life to attain success, there can be certain side effects on our bodies as well. Our daily activities such as spending long hours in front of the computer screen, driving, lifting something heavy and sitting at a desk without intermittent breaks can cause stress in the lower back. But you do not have to worry about them any longer. This article intends to provide you with comprehensive and easy ways to reduce your lower back pain that you have been dreading.

The power of zzz’s

Sleeping at least 6-7 hours a day is paramount for the body to stay healthy and the joints of the body well functioning. Inadequate sleep can aggravate the pain over time and then it may even go out of hand. Catching with the sleep effectuates the cell regeneration of the body, keeps the immune system intact and helps recover the strain of the muscles and the back. Hence, it is a due necessity that you doze off amply to ease away the stress accumulated throughout the day both on the joints and on the mind.

Cold and Hot Therapy

Applying ice packs on the affected lower back can go a long way in curing the pain and treating the joint. Ice acts as a medium to lower the inflammation of the muscles and ease out the strain by reducing the nerve impulses. After having completed the cold therapy, give a gap of a few hours and switch to the use of heating wraps. The heat from the source shall then invigorate the process of blood flow in the area and inhibit the pain. Although this method is highly productive, you should contact your pain doctor if the pain persists for getting the pain treated.


It is an underrated activity we all must partake in on a daily basis to keep our lower back healthy and functioning. Stretching the body works the quads and the hamstrings in such a way that it enables the lower back to relieve tensions and spasms from the body. While lying down, slowly raise your legs up straight to the extent you can while keeping the back fixed to the position. Then hold the position for at least 20 seconds for the maximum benefit out of the exercise. This shall not only treat your lower back pain for the moment but will also enable you to avoid any complications in the future.

Intake of Pain-relieving Foods

Consuming wholesome and nourishing foods shall enable you to keep away the pain over a long period of time. Eat foods which reduce inflammation and provide the body with vitamins and minerals for it to heal effectively. Vegetables such as kale, broccoli, spinach and spices like cinnamon and turmeric heal the pain internally and have anti-inflammatory properties. Other great food choices include sweet potatoes, nuts, beets, and watermelon. Include these in your diet and witness the pain quit your back. These nourishing yet lip lip-smacking foods shall also help you in maintaining your weight, thereby putting less pressure on the lower back joints and muscles.

Aim to keep the body moving

Longer hours on the computer and desk work can significantly increase the stress levels in the lower back. This eventually leads to discomfort and unbearable pain over a period of time. To check this from happening, take frequent breaks from the desk and keep the body moving intermittently. Walking and stretching your arms at regular periods shall enable blood circulation in the body and keep the back fit and strong.


Exercising regularly is one of the most paramount requirements for you to keep the lower back well-functioning. They strengthen the core and the back and ensures that they do not wear off over time. Indulge in daily exercising such as toe touches, sit-ups, planks and pelvic tilts for a well-defined core and a healthy body. Not only will these exercises help you maintain the alignment of your spine but will also ensure that your body posture remains sublime. Just keep in mind not to put a lot of pressure on the back while exercising and ensure that you indulge in only the light exercises for the body.

Rubs and Massages

Massages and rubbing on the pained area of the lower back can substantially lower the muscle strain and assist the process of natural healing. They work directly on the pain by rejuvenating the stressed muscles and improve the circulation of blood in that area. Studies have found that massaging the affected area can relieve the pain from the body and help in reducing the inflammation. Not only are they good for sports injuries but they are known to be beneficial to treat the lower back effectively.

It is true that our daily habits and activities can significantly put pressure on our lower back, thereby leading to its wear and tear. But there is an ample number of ways by which you can ensure that your lower back remains healthy and you don’t have to frequently visit your doctor. Incorporate the above means and steps in your daily schedule for a healthy living and blissful lifestyle.

If everything else fails you should consult doctor Jason Capra, M.D. at Endoscopic Spine Academy, he will help you in accurately diagnosing the root of your pain.