We live all our life working for a living, but somehow it all turns into living for working and then the phase of retirement comes when it`s all about doing what you once wished to do. But it is not that easy like it sounds. People often get more stressed instead of being relaxed in their retirement life just because they did not plan the thing well.

Retirement can be the time of your life if you plan it right and on time. Following are the sic practical tips that could make your retirement life easy and secure.


I remember the time when our parents hated the idea of investment. For them keeping their cash at home or in the bank was the easiest and safest thing to do with the money, after all, they earned it with their sweat and blood, but for us, this is not enough. We, the new generation, need multiple streams of income and if you ask me, I like this change of mentality. We all deserve a life that we dream of, and we have to work for it, take risks that we never took.

Invest in anything that you know about even if it is just a little and never go for things that are completely unknown to you just because people are doing so. Research the market, ask people, ask the mighty internet or anything that suits you, but please be fully aware.

Investment is one of the secure ways to ensure that your future is bright even without working. You will know that without even a job there is a thing that has got me covered financially. Investing after you get retired is not bad either but doing it far before well let your flourish with time and at the time of your retirement, you will be relieved with your actions.

If you are completely unaware of the things, you can do in the name of investment then check out the list below.

  1. BONDS

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By now, we all are aware of the IRA accounts that were once just not understandable. Even now there are misunderstandings about it, but it is better than before.

There are several sites that may guide you on the principals and the working of it. Be fully aware of the percentages it deals in and opens up an account and if possible, open an account with your spouse for both of your security.


Gone are the days when people us to think that insurance is not secure enough. People nowadays are even getting their body parts insured which can definitely motivate you to get your future ensured. When you are planning for your future, the following sort of insurances are the best options to go.


With the growing age, things get difficult for us, and we require certain measures to ensure that even in that time of need, we can do something for our own-self rather than relying on anyone.


Life is something you cannot predict about, one day it is a fun and games and the next day you find yourself depressed. I am not going to scare you with the word ‘death’ here, but you must be fully aware of the fact that it is a natural phenomenon.

The thought of leaving the world scares us, sure, but the thought that what would our family do without us is even scarier. Search and choose an insurance plan that suits best to you!


After sending all our lives working, we all need to relax yet we know that relaxing brings us no money to run the household. Retirees also struggle with resting too much as they are not habitual of resting and that affects their health.

We all excel in one thing or the other, find that thing and make it your hobby so that you can benefit yourself with it afterward. Here is a list of things that you can do in your leisure time and get paid.

  1. Blogging
  2. Crafting
  • Music teaching
  1. Stock marketing
  2. Babysitter
  3. Pet sitter
  • Photography
  • Umpiring
  1. Painting
  2. Styling



When you are retired, the cash flow decreases because of the obvious reasons and paying rent at that time can only elevate the problems for you. Buy a house while you can but make sure that the locality has everything that you may require now or in future. Always buy a property that is in a developing area so that you could know that its rate can only go up.

Following is the checklist you must keep while searching for a house.

  • Use a realtor that you can trust.
  • Purchasing a house is incomplete without documentation. Remember to get the contract signed.
  • Don’t necessarily buy for the life you have today, take future in the notice.
  • Never go for a thing that is out of your reach, you will only end up with more problems.



This new form habit of ours is the most dangerous one when finances are concerned. We have come a long way as a human, from the barter system to coins and cash, from coins and cash to plastic money (credit and debit cards) and from plastic money to digital currency (Bitcoin).

Make paying first your habit to avoid being in debt in future. If you cannot avoid these cards then go for a debit card instead of credit as debit cards spend the money that is already in your account and credit card spends the amount that is yet to be deposited.