shallow focus photography of people inside of passenger plane

For most people, one of the most exciting times is vacation time! In order to properly prepare for going away, there are always a number of items to purchase in advance. One of the parts of travel that most worry about is the long-haul flight or drive.

Not only can this portion of the trip be frustrating because you are restricted for a series of hours, but you may also be dealing with staying cramped up in your seat and especially uncomfortable as a result. Traveling can be challenging, especially if you can’t find a comfortable position for your neck or you can’t stretch out your legs for a long period of time.

If you are lucky enough to fly business class or first class, you likely won’t face these problems. However, if you are a flying coach, you will need to properly prepare and plan how best to travel in comfort. One of the best suggestions is to travel with a firm pillow in hand that can help give you the best rest and comfort for your head and neck.

There are many reasons for you to purchase a travel pillow for yourself, and we are about to dive right into those core benefits.

Maintain Good Posture

Aside from comfort, a great reason to carry a travel pillow with you is to ensure that you are maintaining a good posture and spinal alignment. When you are traveling for a long period of time and have very little or limited room to move about and stretch, this can lead to challenges or even pain and strain in your head and neck – and you would also be surprised to learn that it can also affect your jaw.

To ensure that you do not face any of these challenges, try traveling with a travel pillow in order that you can keep your back straight, maintain a good posture, cushion your head and body, and ultimately cushion your head and neck so that if you do feel sleepy, you can keep those parts of your body in a comfortable position. If you do not bring a good neck pillow with you, not only might you suffer and have challenges falling asleep, but you may feel neck pain long after you get to your travel destination.

Like Having Your Bed Pillow

Given that traveling can be uncomfortable, you may want to create a way of moving about that replicates the comfort of home. A great way to do so is to travel with a memory foam pillow that replicates the comfort of your bed at home.

When searching for the best pillow option, be sure to purchase a travel neck pillow that is made from the same material as your home pillow. This act of mimicking your comfort from home will make you feel like you aren’t entirely in a foreign place, even if you are not lying in your exact bed and are instead lying upright in a seat on an airplane.

If you are hoping to bring a memory foam pillow with you, we recommend using buckwheat as the inside material. These kinds of memory foam pillows are a great option because they adjust and retain the exact shape of your neck and head – which is key when looking for the ultimate comfort.

In addition, memory foam pillows relieve any pain you might be experiencing in your neck, back, and head area. And for those who experience challenges while traveling and in moving modes of transportation, these kinds of pillows provide travelers with stability. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from dizziness or motion sickness.

Breathable and Warm

One of the other common complaints that travelers have is that while traveling, they find that planes can get cold, and the air can often feel dry. This might lead to additional problems such as finding that your skin and neck area feel pasty and uncomfortable.

While many airlines offer pillows of their own for passengers, these are often made of a disposable felt, mesh, or plastic layer. While these materials mean that they are easily disposable, they definitely are not warm and breathable.

To avoid any discomfort that these pillows might bring, consider bringing your own well-made travel neck. When looking for the exact materials that will help you avoid any of these problems, consider veering away from inflatable, cotton, or polyester travel neck pillows.

These items tend to be very weak in terms of providing the necessary support needed for your head and neck, and they aren’t very breathable. Instead, consider finding a pillow that contains a memory foam made out of gel. This material is breathable and always provides an extra sense of comfort that will give you a comfortable day or night of travel.