When it comes to interior painting, we are usually preoccupied with selecting the perfect color scheme and finish. However, not much thought is given to how functional paint can be. Yes, we all know that paint can alter moods or create illusions, but did you know they also have physical features as well? Before calling in the Cape Cod painting contractors, take some time to learn about all of the options that are available to you.

In this way, you can choose a paint that will better match your personality and lifestyle. Read on to learn about high-tech paints that are likely to rise in popularity in coming years.

1. Magnetic Paint
A lot of people are still in the dark about this cool breakthrough in the interior paint world. On the other hand, those who know about it tend to think it doesn’t work. However, recent developments are showing that magnetic paint is getting stronger and working better than it has in past years. You can even use the magnetic paint underneath other normal paints, and it will still work.

2. Odor Absorbing Paint
This paint would work well in a busy household. Often the smell of food, smoke, or pets can overpower the household. Odor absorbing paint promises to neutralize the air and alleviate the smell. The paint works by absorbing pollutants that are lingering in the air. Try this paint in your home bathroom, kitchen, coat closet or playroom.

3. Glitter Paint
This paint is an answer to the prayers of glitter enthusiast everywhere. Interior paint now comes in shimmery, sparkly colors to add an extra kick of personality to the bedroom. Glitter paint opens the doors for lots of different and creative interior paint ideas. You can use glitter paint as an accent color or paint an entire accent wall with glitter paint. If you are more artistic, you may want to use a touch of glitter as part of a wall mural.

4. Antimicrobial Paint
There are plenty of places in which one might want to use antimicrobial paint. A kitchen, a bathroom or an infant’s bedroom are a few places that come to mind. For one, there are health benefits like preventing mold or other harmful bacteria. Other reasons you may want it is because it is durable and long lasting, inexpensive and easy to find. When you factor in those reasons why not just go for it? Antimicrobial paint is a great way to help you and your family stay healthy.

5. Chalkboard & Whiteboard Paint
At this point in time, chalkboard paint is nothing new. However, it still deserves a spot on this list for the sheer creativity of the concept. Whiteboard paint is its newer aged counterpart. Either one can be properly applied with the help of an interior painting service.

Both types of paint have the same concept; a wall you are supposed to draw on. It’s great for kids and other people who are filled with artistic creativity. Many people also use chalkboard paint in their kitchen or other common areas so that they can take notes of grocery lists, important messages, or appointment reminders. There are lots of ways to make this paint your own.

6. Noise Reducing Paint
Noise reducing paint almost sounds too good to be true, but as the years go by, more and more things are becoming possible every day. It’s important to note that this is noise reducing paint, not soundproof paint. This means that although it won’t cancel out all noise, it may still mute it. The technology involves a latex mixture, special resins, and additives. The mixture tends to bounce sound off the walls instead of absorbing it.

7. Insulating Paint
Insulating paint is becoming more popular due to its ability to reduce energy use for home temperature control. This special paint uses a ceramic mixture to trap heat and cool inside the room. Although there are tons of hype about this kind of paint, the jury is out about whether or not it is actually effective. Still, if you are interested in testing it out, ask professional painters for some insight.

8. Luminescent Paint
Using luminescent or glow-in-the-dark interior paint is a great way to bring your inner artist out to play. Generally, people use this paint to create unique designs that come to life in the darkness. The paint contains phosphors, which is what causes it to glow in darkness. People use this paint to complete a galaxy theme or to add a magical touch to the room. Try it in a bedroom or studio.

Hopefully, some of the above-mentioned innovative paints helped to bring you inspiration for your own interior design projects. If you want to experience the full magic of these paints, try getting some help or advice from a renowned company offering painting services in your area. Professionals while guide you about the best painting methods and also give you ideas on how to use these paints in your home in the best way.