Mirrors are quite nice and elegant in every home. Mirrors can fit perfectly into spaces in the sitting room, bedroom and bathroom to add to the beauty and design of the home decor even as many of the types and forms offer great and improved benefits. Mirrors are made in sizes and while some are made in small dimensions, some are made to fit into custom frames while some others are known as full length Mirrors. A full mirror is a mirror made to be of 48 inches height or more. Mirrors are made in various dimensions and height, and each height serves a purpose. A hanging mirror need not be too long to perfectly be suitable for the hanging function while a full length offers more than what a normal mirror offers. No one likes to dress rough and shabby, but sometimes, mistakes about our dressings can be made. The full-length Mirror being a mirror majorly used to check through our clothes, shoes and how fitting they are on us can function to help correct mistakes and improve our dressing and fashion sense.

The full-length mirror is a most functional type of mirror, and it only stands inclined against the wall to function and help both home dwellers and visitors make good fashion statements and check through before setting out for work, event or parties. Full-length Mirrors come in various types and forms too, and each is unique in function and importance. Every home deserves a full-length Mirror even if you do not love to have them as table tops, in your bathroom compartments or as shelves in the kitchen or the bedroom. Below are some of the types of full-length mirror and their features.

Types of Full-Length Mirror

  • Full-Length Wall Mirror

This is a very important type of the full-length mirror, and it functions as a long mirror fixed to the wall. It does not stand inclined against the wall but made to be fixed or hanged on the wall. This mirror, like other full-length types, provides for a full view of the human body and can be used to assess clothes, full look and dressing. Full-length wall mirrors are made to help minimize home or office space, especially in a home without much space to allow the standing types. The type of mirror has a frame around the sides and the material of the frame and the mirror itself determines the durability. The hanging just is done to allow it to capture enough of the body of anyone with an average height.

  • Full-Length Door Mirror

This is an improvement over the wall mirror and it’s evident that this offers much more than to users and consumers that face a similar problem of space availability. This full-length mirror is very functional and it is usually fixed at the end of the bedroom and bathroom doors. It can also be used at the back door of the restroom of a corporate office. The design makes it easy to install. Some come with hooks that help to attach it to the door without needing to have a nail driven through the door to install. It can also come with both hooks and mounting brackets for easy and effortless installation. It is the most ideal for renters and students without much floor space. As a door mirror with heights that are able to view all the body length, it actually functions perfectly a highly recommended for any home.

  • Free Standing Full Length Mirror

This is arguably the best type of the full-length mirror groups as it adds a lot of charming and beauty to your home. The free standing full length is of 3 types;

  • Floor Standing Mirror

This is a type of free-standing full-length mirror which is made with frames around its body. It is usually rectangular in shape and as such, the base parts that contacts floor directly or with a short leg. The design supports a foldable stand that is behind to create a stable standing on the floor. The rectangular shape ensures that only small space is used or expended.

  • Cheval Mirror

This is a mirror that has its history in the European country of France since the 1970s, and the name is due to the four-legged nature of the mirror. The four legs resemble those of the horse which is called Cheval in the French language. The design is very functional as it allows the mirror to tilt to various angles. The design of the frame is made to give the antique feeling. It is also a rectangular shaped mirror and functions perfectly to help you check yourself out.

  • Full-Length Mirror Jewellery Armoire

This is another type of the free-standing version, and it comes similar to the Cheval type but with an added benefit of the space to store or keep it’s of jewelry. The design offers an opening featuring hooks, compartments, and pockets to store as many types of jewelry that you want to keep. Overall, this is a very functional and well made full-length mirror for everyone and every home.

Benefits of Full-Length Mirrors

  • Full Reflection

Lights are a great and loving addition to any space, room or place and as such anything that will improve its importance and use is welcome. Mirrors generally reflect lights and indirectly make the room or place to glow as expected. For a full-length mirror, the reflection will be total, entire and complete to provide the best experience of nine decors and design.

  • Makes Room Bigger

The full-length mirror is known to be capable of reflecting and increasing home lighting, but as well, the mirror makes the bedroom or space where it is positioned look bigger. This may be an illusion, but since your visitors enjoy the sight and illusion, you are good all thank to the full-length mirror.

  • Improve Home Decor and Design

There are many features of the full-length mirror that can improve and facilitate the home decor and designs of the home. The frame with which most mirrors are inserted can be made in colorful designs to reflect the decor of the home. A plain color or mixture can be requested by the buyer at a manufacturing company to achieve it. The full-length mirror is also very useful in providing added benefits of pockets for jewelry in the armoire mirror type.

  • Promotes Fashion Sense

Mirrors are great, but the full-length mirror offers something very important to every user. Ever thought of yourself turning up for an event only for a friend or relative to inform you of a misplaced shirt button or any other fashion blunder due to the imperfection of human. The full-length mirrors help so much to prevent such embarrassment by making you see yourself through before stepping out.

  • Easy Installation

This is another very important benefit of the full-length mirrors. They offer users the easiest and very simple installation process. Whether you are installing a wall full-length mirror or a door full-length mirror, the mirrors come already with hooks and mounting brackets. This is beneficial because you don’t need to create a hole with a nail. Anyone can install the full-length mirror.

Buying Tips for Full-Length Mirror

The full-length mirror is a common and popular item in most glass and home decor stores offline or online, e.g., Fab Glass And Mirror and any buyer an easily buy anyone that catches his or her emotion or need. However, it is very important to be informed about what to choose in a full-length mirror. Buying tips and information about the mirror will make you make the best decision buying the type that is elegant, beautiful and yet very functional.

  • Space

Everyone wants to have a nice and classy full-length mirror at home. However, buying which type of mirror has to do with space you have in your home. It’s never a good thing to just order or buy the stylish full-length mirror you saw at your friend’s place, but you need to consider the nature of your own home. Where do you plan to plead or position the mirror? Is the place spacious enough? A good answer to these questions will make decisions on which type of full-length mirror you must buy. There are free standing mirrors hat needs a lot of space while there are door and wall types that are the full length that requires only a space on the door and the wall respectively for houses with no much space.

  • Style

The style is another tip you should know about to be sure you are getting the perfect full-length mirror for your home. The style of the mirror frame is in several designs, decor or styles. Look well at which matches or blends with your home decor. Fling this will provide better ambiance for your home.

  • Function

You also need to decide on whether you are buying a cheap full-length mirror to just help you dress well and perfect or to also add to your home decor. The purpose must be known and well defined by you to have a great buy.