Web Application Security solutions are mandatory for every enterprise because of increasing online intrusion by hackers into the system. The security becomes paramount when critical information needs to be saved from the third parties. For this, it becomes necessary to get the Web Application Firewall or WAF. Most of the websites are designed on the Magento platform so businesses can take the professional services from the Magento Development Company.

What is a Web Application Firewall?

The WAF is a type of firewall that filters out, keeps a check and blocks the data packets that are traveling to and from the Web Application. This firewall can be network-based, cloud-based or the host-based and is deployed through a proxy. They are placed in front of the Web Applications.

How Web Application Firewall is Different from Others

The WAF is dissimilar from the regular firewalls since it filters out the unwanted content from the specific Web Application whereas the other types of firewalls serve as the security gate only among the servers. It also averts any attack that will arise from the security flaws and inspects the traffic through HTTP as well. According to the Statista survey, more than 30% of the web attacks originated from the US and followed by other EU and Asian nations. The total cybercrime cost was around $21.22 million last year and was one of the costliest too.

Ways in which WAF Increases Enterprise’s Security and User Experience

The IT security market is on the increase after seeing some vicious malware attacks on the company’s websites and hacking the confidential information. With the increased knowledge and framing of security policies, the revenue of the IT market is said to increase to $96 billion by the year 2018. It is estimated to reach up to $105 billion globally by the year 2020 as stated by Statista.

Therefore, this has given rise to the increased demand for the user identification, using the SSL, and user authentication for the cloud and the in-house servers. This makes the WAF usage all the more important and organizations can use it for enhancing their security and overall user experience. Moreover, the Magento based sites can use this firewall by taking the services from the Magento development experts. This will help the companies to safeguard the minute details about their company’s web applications. Here are a few considerable ways in which Web Application Firewall helps.

  • It helps the Product-Based Websites: Many enterprises irrespective of their business size have switched to the WAF and are benefited from its usage, but the product-based websites are on the advantageous side. The websites that are developed on Magento are mostly using this firewall to provide seamless user-experience to the customers. The WAF helps users to make transactions with comfort, as they know that their personal information is secured, and the site provides safe transaction services.

Moreover, the business houses can take the services from the website-development service providers that will keep a check on the maintenance and security of your website. Along with this, online bankers, web hosting platforms, mobile app developers, and social media platforms are also on the safe side. They can update the features of the WAF and increase the safety of web applications.

  • Protect Against the Data Leakage: The hackers are smart enough to hack into your website system and collect the confidential data. Most of the enterprises never come to know that their data has been compromised and leaked online. Sometimes the hacking incidents work as a disaster to the company’s name, and most of them run into huge losses. By using the WAF, now companies can feel secure as this firewall scans every request sent to the server, and if it finds any default, the request cannot leave the organizations; network and developers can keep a check.

According to one of the internet contributors and the reports by Gartner suggested that by the year 2020, WAF would protect 60% of the web applications. The developers can also customize the specific information or signature in the WAF so that the hackers cannot breach the security. The WAF enhances the security against any kind of data leakage and provides peace of mind to the company’s users.

  • Provide Safety Cover Against the Application Risks: The WAF protects the web applications against the risks that occur because of cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and malicious file executions. The WAF also separates any kind of fraudulent activity from genuine traffic. It analyzes and intercepts every request that is being sent to the HTTP before they reach out to the web applications.

Most hackers use HTTPS as a cover to avoid any kind of recognition. The WAF works in a number of ways to provide security to web applications.

  • It extends the services related to the SSL termination
  • The WAF works as a wall between the web applications and the public that differentiates the traffic coming from the internet and the webserver.
  • This firewall works as the reverse proxy as it terminates the encrypted connections. The WAF forwards the traffic to the web application in the HTTP mode, and after that, it is analyzed.
  • Most of the websites that are designed on the Magento platform also uses the WAF, as it’s an integral part nowadays. Therefore, the businesses can take the services from the Magento Development Company to protect the data saved on the cloud or on the servers.


To sum up, companies in the present times require anti malware protection in order to safeguard their confidential information. In this situation, the WAF works great for curbing the undetectable risks that can cause huge losses for the organization. It also helps in providing tight security to web applications, whether they are hosted or cloud-based. Even the immediate users within the company can feel relaxed with their monetary transactions and personal information since the firewall keeps an eye on every movement on the server.

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