CBD e-liquids, also known as vape juices, are famous for their effectiveness. Compared to smoking marijuana, vaping delivers results much faster. Besides, the vaper can sample all the various flavors that constitute the e-juice.

However, CBD e-liquids don’t come cheap. The market averages for a 30ml bottle of CBD e-liquids range from $100 – $120. And considering the ever-rising popularity of CBD and vaping, it’s logical to predict a proportionate increase in the prices of these precious juices.

But what if there was a way to make CBD e-juice from the comfort of your home? Well, now there is. Read on to uncover how to go about making high-quality CBD e-juice at home for your next vaping session.


What Is A DIY e-Juice?

DIY e-juice refers to the making of e-juice on your own. E-liquids comprise three chief ingredients, namely, the base liquid of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, flavor concentrates, and nicotine. However, you won’t necessarily need all of these ingredients.

The base liquid of PG and VG is the essential element. It usually comes already premixed in various ratios, such as 50/50 or 60/40. However, you can also buy them separately and enjoy the flexibility of mixing them to your ideal proportion.

The flavor concentrates are what determine the ultimate taste of the e-juice. And the e-liquid market teems with thousands of concentrates that you can buy and mix to come up with unique tastes. If you’re a beginner vaper, your best bet is to purchase one-shots, or concentrates that feature premixed multiple flavors.

Nicotine is one of the most optional ingredients in an e-juice. That’s because everyone has their preferred nicotine level. Beginners can experiment with a 100 ml bottle containing 36 mg/ml of nicotine. In premixed options, you’ll often find nicotine suspended in your PG solution. Nicotine isn’t as toxic as many tend to believe, but you still want to begin small before establishing your ideal dosage.

Why Would You Consider Making CBD E-liquid At Home?

Making CBD e-juice at home is a simple process that anyone can learn in one training. As long as you know the ingredients to use, how to achieve the right proportions and ideal temperature, you’re more than halfway there. The entire process can last between 60 and 90 minutes. With continued practice, you’ll be eventually adept at making CBD vape oil at home that’s just as palatable as you find at https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-vape-juice/.

Making CBD e-liquid by yourself also offers you much flexibility in choosing your preferred flavors and the kind of CBD extract to use. Besides, you get to select the right carrier base and determine your ideal concentration. These are benefits you’ll hardly enjoy when you buy industrially-manufactured CBD e-juice.

Most importantly, homemade CBD e-liquid is the cheaper alternative to buying the industrial CBD vape juice. This will help overcome one of the drawbacks to vaping – the high cost of e-juice.


A CBD user taking a few drops of CBD oil

How to Make CBD Vape Juice At Home


Besides the three essential elements we’ve already highlighted, you’ll also need the following;

  1. 1/2g – 1g of CBD isolate.

CBD isolate refers to the purest form of cannabidiol; it’s usually crystalline and has the feel of fine powder.

It boasts over 99% concentration of CBD and has zero traces of THC, terpenes, and other organic compounds that naturally occur in the plant.

Because CBD isolate is insoluble in VG, you must first dilute it into PG before mixing the two liquids

  1. 30 ml of carrier fluid, or PG: VG ratio of 60:40 or 80:20
  2. 1/2 ml – 1 1/2 ml of terpenes for additional flavors and to enhance the effects of CBD
  3. Other flavorings that you may find necessary, such as lemon

Other Supplies

  1. A gram scale for measuring the weight of the CBD isolate
  2. A mortar and a pestle
  3. One clean, sterile container for making the CBD e-juice
  4. A low-level source of heat
  5. A 30 ml blunt-tipped syringe
  6. One 30 ml sterile bottle that comes with a 1ml glass dropper for storing the final product

Consider squeeze bottles with nozzle tips for saving the base liquid and dark containers for storing nicotine

  1. A metal pot for tempering the e-juice
  2. Funnels, a fine sieve, and non-absorbent stirrers
  3. Sticky labels
  4. Disposable gloves
  5. Downloadable or web-based e-juice calculator


  1. Measure a half grams to 1 gram of CBD isolate using the gram scale and use a pestle and mortar to crush the crystals into a fine powder.
  2. Prepare the vape juice to your preferred ratio and using the blunt syringe measure 0.5 ml/1.5ml of terpenes, and add it to your vape juice.
  3. Use a funnel to transfer all the fluids into a sterile container and add the CBD isolate powder into the mixture.
  4. Shut the bottle tight and shake well to ensure the CBD isolate thoroughly dissolves for adding it to a CBD Oil Vape.

To make the CBD isolate powder dissolve much faster, you might consider slightly warming up the vape juice before adding in the powder.

When it’s completely dissolved, the solution should appear cloudy.

  1. Fill the pot up with water. The level of water in the pot should correspond with the level of fluid in the bottle.
  2. Heat your pot in a medium flame and when it’s warm, bring the bottle containing the e-juice content and place it inside the pot upright.
  3. Occasionally check to ensure the bottle doesn’t overheat.

As the water and steam heat your bottle, you’ll notice the solution turns clear again.

  1. Continue heating for some more minutes then turn off the heat.
  2. Remove the bottle out of the pot and allow it time to cool.
  3. Use the sieve and a sterile funnel to transfer the content to your storage bottle.

The liquid is now ready to use, and you can also taste it.

  1. Label the bottle, clearly defining the VG/PG ratio, flavor percentage, nicotine level, and date created.
  2. Clean your equipment and safely store your recipe.
  3. Store your CBD e-juice in an airtight bottle, at room temperature, and in an area free from direct sunlight.

Making CBD vape juice at home is as easy as getting the right ingredients and establishing the ideal temperature. Just ensure you use homemade CBD e-juice for vaping and not as a tincture, as PG isn’t safe for oral consumption.