EaseUS is an all-in-one data recovery tool for all types of data loss situation. EaseUS is one of the most popular data recovery tools which offers different types of recovery such as accidental formatting, virus attack, hard drive failure, power failure, and many others. Most of the time, people faced data loss situation, this situation is very annoying. Sometimes people stored their memorable photos and videos on their Smartphone’s, laptop or PC. By mistake or accidentally deleted these memorable memories from your system due to any reason, then this situation is a heart-stopping moment for you. But, you don’t need to feel bad, because EaseUS is more secure and reliable recovery tool which is well suitable to recover permanently deleted data or files.

If you want to recover deleted files or data through the EaseUS data recovery wizard, then you can perform the three basic steps and easily recover deleted data or files from PC, laptop, Smartphone, and another device. With this software, a user without problems recovers all deleted data and documents from the desktops, computer, mobile phone, hard drive, and other digital devices. The EaseUS software offers the unique recovery characteristic for the person including delete recovery, partition loss files, hard drive and other cause to loss facts.

  • The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is quite simple to download and installs in the computers and other devices. User effortlessly downloads the EaseUS free data recovery software from the internet platform. After the installation, the user easily starts the recovery process. There are two types of scanning modes such as Quack and Deep Scan.
  • Firstly, start the Quick scan for find out the deleted files. After the completion of the Quick scan, the user starts the Deep scan for searching the deleted files.
  • Once, the deep scan is completed, and then you need to preview the file type and select the location.
  • Then, the user clicks on “Recover” button and recovery process is start and files are stored in their selected location.

There are some key points to use the EaseUS data recovery software for recover the deleted files or data.

  • Fast and Simple Process: With the EaseUS data recovery tool, retrieve the data or files in three clicks. The data recovery process is fast and simple without any hassle steps. If you want to use EaseUS data recovery tool for recover the deleted files, then you do not need to have prior experience.
  • Using scanning Modes: The EaseUS data recovery wizard provides flexible scanning modes such as Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Through these scanning modes, you can easily search the deleted files from your PC, laptop or other drives.
  • Easily Preview files before recovery: With this recovery tool, you can get the best feature to preview the file before recovery. You can easily choose the files from the preview window rather than recover the unnecessary file recovery.
  • Save Time Process: With this data recovery tool, you can easily save your time. The data recovery process is completed within a specific time and gives a better experience.
  • Support a Wide range of Storage Drives: The EaseUS data recovery tool support a wide range of storage drives such as USB drive, hard disk, video camera, Digital camera, SD card, and many others.
  • Economically Suitable: Everyone easily recover deleted files or data through the EaseUS data recovery tool. This recovery tool offers the free version for the users to recover deleted data or files and other Pro version are available at reasonable price.