Destiny 2
Destiny 2

People were very excited when the second version of Destiny was launched in September 2017 with the name of ‘Destiny 2’. The game of science fiction is available for Xbox One, PS 4 and Microsoft Windows. In an upgraded version, a variety of new and improved features were developed in the game which people didn’t recognize at first. I am listing below the 6 amazing secrets shared by the folks who are experts in boosting service, which were hidden in Destiny 2.

6 Secrets Discovered

  • Floor is Lava

When you reach the walkway on the upper side, a light tower will appear, and you have to get to the other side of the tower without touching the floor because the Floor is Lava. However, you can jump onto the boxes and can use railings, benches, and other objects to stand and run to reach the desired point.

  • Tower Ball

It is another interesting secret of Destiny 2. First, you have to spawn four balls of different colors i.e. purple, green, black and blue in the same order. You have to move these balls one by one from its spawn point to the desired goal in the tower. When you are done moving these balls, then finally a Tower ball or the Traveller ball will appear along with fireworks. The different colored balls can disappear if other players also play and come in your way, but it will reappear soon.

  • Shine at the Farm

This one’s a little strange feature. When you run on the above part of the waterwheel, you get to the rooftop, where you find this special hidden secret. This feature gives you extra energy to jump higher and make you glow. And as you go away from the farm this feature also disappears.

  • The secret of Ghost

This science fantasy game is full of secrets which are really hard to find. Another hidden secret is that what does that Ghost icon do when it is shown on the right top of the display screen? Well, it finds different items and information hidden inside the game by scanning the objects. When you click on the Ghost icon, it will head you towards the items to discover. Don’t forget to look at this feature next time you play this game.

  • Sweeper Bot

Sweeper Bot is a sweet appealing character in Destiny 2 who loves to sweep the small area of the hallway of Tower. But now a huge Cabal attack on that area can stop Sweeper Bot from doing its work.

  • Public Events

The public events help you to turn into a superhero by boosting up the energy and speed of the character. These events help you to loot tokens from different challenges for getting extra level power to turn these public events into heroic events.

Have you already discovered these 6 secrets? If you didn’t know or notice these secrets before while playing Destiny 2, now you will be playing this game like a pro.