Are you also among the one who is not much sure about the different features of your phone not only when it is with you but also when you lose it.

Well, you are not unique, and there are many like us who are not much sure and so we are writing this piece of content. In this post, I am going to talk about how easy it is to find the phone location when it is lost.

For this, all you need is the GPS signal of the device you are willing to track. And for better visibility and tracking, you may need some app which works on the GPS system. There are many free and paid apps available in the market which you can try the same.

With these, you will be able to track the location of any phone no matter where those are. The only condition is it should be within reach mean to say; the GPS should be enabled.

Also, not only you will be able to track the location, but if you are using any app also, you can get real-time location details as well when and where you want.

Not only location tracking you can also do a lot using such apps as you can trace the phone calls, messages, and various other activities which we will talk about later here.

Let’s start and see how to find the phone location with detailed steps!

How to use Hoverwatch to find the mobile phone location?

Hoverwatch is a leading app which helps you to do all kind of spy-like location tracking, messaging tracking, call tracking, social media activities and much more. You can try app Hoverwatch to know more about the features and work.

Hoverwatch tracks the phone location either using the GPS location or using the WiFi if it is in the range. And the app should be installed on your phone.

  • Track their cell phone on a detailed map online
  • Identify their location even when regular GPS tracker is unavailable
  • Access all phone location information directly from your Control Panel

This is a simple three steps process which involves like below-

The best feature I found with the Hoverwatch is, even if the person has switched off their GPS, you will be able to make the tracing enabled. This feature is powered by the something known as cell phone towers [GSM].

track cell phone location

You can check the real-time location of the user who is carrying the mobile phone and then checks the map to find the best root. You can access the app through any devices till the time you have the internet connection available.


This feature is quite helpful not only to track someone but also when you lose your phone you will be able to make it happen. Also, you can use this app for free with definitely some limitation from the paid app. But usually, all the basic applications can be used in the free app also. Do try Hoverwatcj and explore the different features of it.