When most people think of watches, Omega comes to mind or Rolex come to mind. Others still, would prefer not to purchase a luxury watch at all. The cost of a luxury watch is often a hindrance for many. Yet even for those who can afford the luxury of a luxury watch, the question is often which one is the most luxurious of all. Swiss luxury watches like the Zenith El Primero made by the Swiss watchmaker Zenith, have a reputation for unmatched quality.

The way we judge this quality is by the craftsmanship of the watchmakers themselves. And what better way to judge craftsmanship than by the amount of experience the watchmaker has. The Zenith El Primero and indeed other watches made by Zenith have been touted as the luxury watch for the average person. This in no way means that the quality or the cost is in any way diminished, but that the company, unlike many other watchmakers, goes out of its way to appeal to the average person.

To understand why it is important to understand Zenith’s history. The company was established in 1865 when a young, 22-year old watch apprentice, Georges Favre-Jacott decided he no longer wished to be employed and founded his own company. But it wasn’t until 1911, that the company was entitled, acquiring the name Zenith. Before Jacott began his operations, Swiss watchmakers at the time worked from different locations, the establishment of Zenith consolidated these operations, making them one.

Fast forward more than 148 years after his initial vision and the company continues to create beautiful hand-crafted watches that are worthy of the luxury watch title. Each of these creations takes months to complete and not even after the artisans have completed a piece is the job marked complete. Every watch goes through a rigorous testing process, to not just ensure that it works, but to also ensure that it is worthy of its luxury status.

The Zenith luxury watches have adorned the arms of some of the most prominent personalities in history including Mahatma Gandhi, Albert I of Monaco, the famed Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and the famed Austrian skydiver, Felix Baumgartner.

The El Primero was the first watch in history to have integrated automatic chronograph movement when it was first introduced in 1969, and it remains the most precise caliber, capable of measuring distances down to a fraction of a second. It does this while maintaining a 50-hour power reserve which is exceptional for its performance. Zenith El Primero’s precision and power capacity make it the ideal watch for anyone looking for a timepiece that is reliable.

Even today, the El Primero and other Zenith watches continue to be capable as well as luxurious which means that they appeal both to the practical buyer as well as the more astute, vain customer looking for luxury. If you have ever wanted a watch with a rich history or reliability and craftsmanship, the Zenith El Primero is a good place to start.