As much fun as one can like to play on slots, it is difficult to disagree with the fact that suffering heavy loss after loss can quickly diminish your enthusiasm for the hobby. And let’s not even mention the negative impact it can have on your financial situation. In fact, losing at slots can rapidly turn into someone trying to chase their losses, and as soon as that happens a certified gambling problem is never too far away.

But how do you actually stop losing at slots like Viking Slots? Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome a losing streak, seeming like there is just no end to the apparent curse inflicted on you. Never fear though, because there is a whole load of different things you can do to try and stop losing at slots. Let’s take a look at a few:

Don’t Pick A Hard Slot

Duh, this one is a bit of an obvious one, but if you cannot stop a losing streak, it might be because the particular slot game you are playing is just way too difficult. Slots, after all, come in varying difficulty levels, and if you are playing one designed for more experienced players you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

Another thing to consider is the average payout from each slot, as this will give a reliable factor on which to base your choice on. RTP is your port of call here (Return To Player), and you are going to want to be looking for percentages that go higher than the 96% mark.

Bet Small & Safe

It can be devilishly exciting to act the high roller and place loads of cash on each spin of the reels, but it can also be a particularly bad thing for your bank balance. Slots are designed to make a profit, you must always remember that. It means that betting big will always have its negative consequences, but by betting small and safe, you can quickly amass a budget much more than the sum of its parts.

It sounds boring granted, but in the long run, this strategy could stop you from losing too much money to keep going – do you really want to miss out on all that online slot entertainment?

Don’t Stay On The Same Slot

Another common practice used by gamblers to stop losing too many times is to regularly change what slot game they are playing. Fresh eyes are always a good thing when playing slots, and you might just find the act of spinning the reels feels more exciting, therefore increasing your concentration levels.

Know Your Stuff

Gambling on the slots is definitely an enjoyable hobby, but it should also be treated with seriousness too. You never know what just a little bit of time reading about the slot you intend to play can do, and actually this can make for a much more alert gambler – never a bad thing, is it?

The more you know about the symbol combinations, scatters, wilds and bonus rounds the more you can expect to win. It’s simple!