So the gift for him at 70 should be as special and classy as his own personality.

1. A personalized pocket watch

In the previous era carrying a personalized pocket watch was a style statement, so why not gift him the same pocket watch on his birthday. A personalized pocket watch is the best birthday gift for 70 year old man.

A pocket watch is always a handy timepiece and it brings back the elegance in life. You can have his name engraved in the watch which would make it more personal. Do choose a color and brand of his kind, the way he would have preferred in his youth.

2. The memory workout

With age, memory too comes to a slight change and forgetfulness starts its visits quite frequent. So this 70th birthday why not give a gift which would help him to bounce back to balance of mind.

The memory workout is such a game practice which would keep the brain cells active and all the imbalance would be cured. So the gift would be really value creating as it is a pack of different mind games and also some good videos for the seniors to keep their memory strong.

This gift is really going to be a blessing for your loved one. Do check the deals online as the pack is very reliable and easy to use with various puzzles and small questionnaire games.

3. Your life at 70- the photo album book

With time and age experience and memories both are collected together, so in this 70th birthday, gift your loved one with a book full of memories.

The your life at 70 is a photo album book where you can have around forty eight photographs spread in total twenty four pages. To involve all the family members in this task to select one photograph of their choice with the person and share the memory.

This book is a real treasure which would make the person relish each of his days with all the beloved memories. Even you can add some achievements they have gained in their 70 years which would further personalise the beautiful reb photo book.

4. A grandad cushion

So you must be planning a birthday bash for your grandad for his 70th birthday, if so then their is a creative gift which you can get him. This would be his favorite too. A grandad cushion with few personalised messages defining the person.

It is said with age cushions become an integral part of the elders, so why not gift him his own personalised cushion with your touch. You have to just send few details about him in five points and those would be printed on the cushion while it would be delivered.

The messages should be not much big but should be very deep and making him feel the love and warmth you have. You can even add the small achievements he had in years, and your bond with him. Just see the smile when he receives his own cushion with so much emotions wrapped on it.

5. The great Gatsby reading glasses

Glasses are an integral part of life with age and maturity, so why not gift him the ultimate 70th birthday gift, a pair of smart reading glasses, in the great gatsby style.

The reading glasses are going to be an asset for them as now they would have a touch of class and style in them. The black frame which has the classic style and smooth finish would really make him feel special.

6. A personalised mug

Sometimes it is so hard to say how you feel about your parents in front of them. So why not on the occasion of his 70th birthday you express your feelings to your dad though a creative and useful way.

Gift him with a tea-coffee personalised mug with ten special qualities of him which you really adore and respect, making him distinct and unique from others. So whenever he would be having his morning tea, or a late night espresso in it, these words would bring a smile on his face.

It may seem quite a general gift but the emotions which are nestled in it are priceless and would always make him feel needed and loved.

7. The ice stick

Maybe this year he is turning 70 but that does not make him old, rather he is becoming more youthful from within, as age is just a number. So this 70th year why not gift him something unusual. Drinking is a part of man’s life, but yes with age the limit is in control.

Gift him an ice stick which would be an alternative of ice to be added with his small drink he takes in his free time. Sometimes ice cubes dilute the drink, so the ice stick would retain the taste of the drink, but this needs to be kept in the freezer for sometimes and then stir it in the drink, making it cold.

So a modern technique to chill the drink. This would really make him happy and also quite proud among his friends of having an unusual gift from his son or daughter, making the day more special.

I am sure this will help you to get the best birthday gift for him. Also find some more 70.