Stretch marks are those annoying lines which have the capability to ruin the beautiful curves of the body with those tiger stripes. Although they are not painful at all, but they certainly do make a lot of women uncomfortable from an aesthetic standpoint. Therefore, most women want to get rid of them by finding the perfect treatment. Among all the ones available, stretch mark removal creams are considered the safest and painless way to deal with it.

As we know, it is very difficult for us to choose any one product among many as there are a lot of different products on the market. It claims to prevent the stretch marks. Everybody’s skin type is different and varries from each other. It depends upon the skin type that one will get stretch marks. Skin should be kept moisturized as it can prevent stretch marks.

About these stretch marks that already appeared on the skin, there are various creams and lotions that you can buy. After many researches and reviews, it turned out that a few of them have a positive and good effect on the skin such as visible shrinking of the stretch marks or their complete disappearance.

So, just for you, we’ve rounded up 7 of the most promising stretch mark removal creams. Scroll down to read about them and discover the one which will suit best for stretch marks.

TriLASTIN-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream

TriLANSTIN is an enhanced and improved version of the original product known for its impressive results in the beauty industry. The combination of powerful ingredients provides it the ability to fight and reduce all types of stretch marks, whether they are fresh or old. But, what’s even better about it is that both men and women of all ages, skin types and colors can use it without being afraid. Beyond that, it also reduces the frowning of the skin associated with stretch marks, thus making them less noticeable and perfect for the treatment.

StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles

StriVectin is one of the well-known names in stretch mark removal creams which specifically claims to improve the appearance of both stretch marks as well as wrinkles. Due to the presence of an active ingredient; NIA-114 and collagen building peptides, visible results can be seen as early as two weeks after beginning a regular beauty regime. The main ingredient, NIA-114 which was invented by a skin cancer scientist has been clinically proven to inhibit the impact of environmental aggressors, strengthen and rebuild the skin barriers along with multiplying the efficacy of active ingredients. Thus, perfect for not only dealing with stretch marks, but also wrinkles.

Revitol stretch mark removal cream

Revitol stretch mark removal cream is a popular stretch mark cream that has been known to essentially reduce the appearance of stretch marks. But, what’s even better about this product is that it also prevents the development of new stretch marks. Revitol stretch mark removal cream contain a list of active ingredients like 10% Squalene oil, extracted from olive oil which helps to achieve results, unlike any other product. This ingredient, in fact, has potent regenerative property when applied topically and thus is effective in healing scars. Whereas, vitamin E, yet another active ingredient present in it helps to regenerate new skin cells. This product suits all skin types and can be used by both men and women of all ages. People who used this product are really very positive about it.

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy Cream

Mederma is yet another pharmacist-recommended brand for stretch marks which has been tested in clinical trials. Therefore, it has been designed especially to treat existing marks, as well as to prevent new marks from appearing like Revitol stretch mark removal cream do. For the existing marks, this stretch marks therapy cream lightens the color, smoothes out the texture, and makes the skin feel a lot softer. This one, in fact, has been praised for its floral-scented smell too, thus making it a nice choice for those who prefer beauty treatments with a pleasant smell.


Skinception is considered as one of the best anti stretch mark cream by many of its consumers. The reason behind it is that the cream contains a combination of several active ingredients in its formula such as Darutoside, Pro-Sveltyl, Pro-Col One, and Regestil. They have been guaranteed in stretch mark removal and its prevention along with rash protection, skin dryness deliverance, and protection from other defects. This product has been clinically proven to also work to boost the body’s natural abilities to produce collagen and elastin. These two compounds are the ones that strengthen, moisturize and heal connective tissues and cells which eventually help to stretch marks to lighten or disappear.

Bio-oil Purcellin Oil Moisturizer

Recommended by Marie Claire, it’s another great option for women who are tired of trying a heavy cream to get rid of their stretch marks. Bio-Oil is a specialty non-greasy formula that works by combining a number of ingredients essential for an effective skin care. Since most of those ingredients are based on plant oils and vitamins, it works to moisturize the skin and improve the overall tone. By regularly using this product, it can additionally provide the skin with necessary chemicals and building blocks to repair the skin to look healthier.

Dermology stretch mark solution

If dermatology stretch mark solution sounds a lot like the word dermatology, the science of treating skin disorders, it is not just a coincidence. The product is enriched with natural ingredients such as Squalene oil, vitamin A, and vitamin E, which are specifically known to fight skin disorders and encourage skin cell repair. It’s done by working on a deep cellular level to encourage new skin cell growth as well as to heal the damaged skin. While doing so it works simultaneously to make sure that the skin stay firm, reducing the broken stretch mark appearance. All it is a 100% natural and safe product which doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that often aggravate the skin.

Anti-stretch marks products needs to be applied twice a day for better results. Applying it twice a day can show desired results with no time. It is really very important for us to know the timings of its application. These type of products should be applied in the morning and in evening. If we use these products on time then it would definitely show the desired results.

Since there are a number of stretch mark removal creams in the market. It can get very difficult for the one looking for the perfect product to get rid of the stretch marks. Hopefully, this article provided information enough to take the decision of choosing the best product among the best. Goodluck!



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