Winter solstice is always considered as the time of celebration mostly to the northwestern part of the world. The short daylight to the northern hemisphere of earth gives people enough night time to rock their night –long party. And the festivals pour more sugar to your chocopie to enjoy most awaited part of the year.

The excitement of festivals, the arrival of the New Year and the gifts that you exchange among friends and colleagues take thrill and amusement of this time to the next level. You can seek the same excitement for your business promotion too. Starting from Halloween followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Year you can find numerous opportunities to think on promotion strategies via promotional products.

Of course, you must be trying hard to think outside the box when it comes to business promotion strategies for next champing. Taking the full advantage of the occasion and the wind of the market you can set a remarkable milestone for brand advertisement.

You must think why to focus on promotional products for advertisement?

Well, your confusion can be better served by following few facts related to promotional products:


  • Eight out of every ten people own at least one promotional product in today’s date, and these are 75% more effective to make customers recall the brand name.
  • In comparison with other modes of advertisement promotional products can be at least used for six months to a year by the user. Thus, can help to recall the brand name for the longest time and the ROI is worth the purchase price — especially during the holiday season.
  • It has also been proven that people do get attracted to freebies at once where you can make the best use of promotional products to promote your brand which is not possible at the time of media advertisement. In fact, due to numerous advertisements on your television make it difficult to focus on the particular product.

Promotional Gifts On Christmas.png

Apart from this, you need to be quite particular at the time looking for ideal promotional products that could prove to be the real game changer.

  • First and the most important one you must understand who are your potential customers and distinguish your market from competitors.
  • Whom you will be handling these promotional products and how often they will be going to use in their day to day life.
  • Of course, do not forget your seasonal budget while checking out the list of corporate promotional products. And, in which manner you have decided to customize products for your brand information or logo.

You can also focus on few festivals particular to come up with corporate promotional products that can be best gifted on those occasions.

These analyses will lay the great impact on the promotional products you choose for this festive. Here we have come with the list of lucrative promotional products that help to seek the attention of your potential customers in no matter of time:

  1. Custom Flash Drives: Considered among most versatile promotional products custom flash drives can be the best deal for your brand promotion. Not only that they can be purchased in half a $, but they can be customized in different shape and partner according to your business promotion.

Custom Flash Drives.jpg

Types of Shape: One can customize them inform of the keychain, wristband, shape of any car or football and even as cardholders. They provide enough space to print your brand name and quickly seek the attention of customers of different age.

Best Occasions: There are a number of ways that you can use the bulk of flash drives for brand promotion some them are:

  • You can store the company logo or can store some special moments with your customers and gift them this Christmas or on Thanksgiving. This will help you to maintain your brand goodwill among the list of customers and will also lay the great impact on the customers.
  • You can also use them as freebies which customers never miss while selecting products with same features and competitive price tag. It will help you to lure attention on the products that are especially new in the market and are need a kick start brand advertisement.
  • Apart from this, you can look for the flash drive in wholesale to gift your employee on different events on Christmas and Halloween celebration.
  1. Promotional Power Bank: Where everyone is more or less attached to their smartphone and iPods than how you can forget power banks to consider them as promotional products. Is used by people of different age at different places to keep their device charged, giving you the best opportunity to seek their attention on your brand by using them as promotional products.

Custom Power Banks.jpg

Types of Shape: Not like USB but yes these can also be available in different shape like flat and cylindrical that gives you the best space to imprint your brand name on them.

Best Occasions: Promotional power banks hold more sophistication weight if you aim for limited customers and client.

  • You can use customize power banks to gift your channel distributors, promoters and other competitors in the market on special occasion. In this manner, you will able to boost your relationship and make a strong bond amongst them.
  • Never the less you can also use them as tradeshow giveaways on your product purchase and can demonstrate them as one of the features to your products.

Wrapping-up: Hope after following this; you must have come upon this winter solstice with the blast of advertisement ideas to promote your brand in the best manner. Apart from flash drives and promotional power bank you can also look for many other trendy items as Corporate Promotional Products like Popsockets, spinner & water bottles. All you need to keep in mind while searching for the promotional product is that they must be frequently used, be in trend and of course unique. That help to seek the attention of potential customers in no matter fo time.