Take the instance of a machine for a second. If you don’t lubricate it with good quality oil, it won’t be able to run smoothly, right? Similarly, when you head over to the gym, your body demands the right set of nutrients to perform the rigorous exercises a normal workout entails.

The food you consume before a workout session builds up your energy levels and increases your metabolism, enabling you to undertake the exercises. The food you consume afterward helps in restoring the lost energy, cooling down the core, and repairing the muscles. This diet doesn’t need to consist exclusively of protein powders and other sorts of expensive, chemically-engineered supplements. You can benefit from organic and healthy foods, which are readily available and provide ten times more energy.

If you’re new to this routine and you don’t know what sort of diet plan to follow, go through the pointers mentioned below and set your eating schedule to complement the workout.

Pre-Workout Healthy Foods

A perfect pre-workout meal consists of a substantial amount of carbs, which are like glucose-based fuel, best for building up energy levels in anticipation of the workout. This should be complemented with some proteins, along with a small number of fats. The following healthy foods are found to be rich in these nutrients.


The more wood you feed to a furnace, the higher and longer the fire will burn. The same is the case with your body. Potatoes, bursting in carbs, are the absolute fuel to your workout fire. Not only carbs, but these tubers also have plenty of vitamins and minerals in them as well, which are beneficial for your body. Plus, there are a thousand potato recipes online which you can check out using your Comcast Deals internet connection. Go for boiled and mashed, with a hint of salt. Just eat a pre-workout potato snack to remain thoroughly energized.


Ah, the yellow beauties! Yes, bananas are an excellent source of potassium like none other. They are light, and can easily be consumed in larger quantities without ruining your diet plan. They are sweet and can lift up your mood as well. During a workout, you’re likely to sweat a lot. Sweat is the physical sign that your energy has now been officially spent. After this stage, it becomes slightly difficult for you to get back into the heat of the moment again. But consuming bananas before the workout helps you retain the water levels in your body and enables you to last longer.


How many cups of coffee do you drunk at work per day? Lost count? After all, it’s a necessity. It Keeps your eyes from closing during a business meeting. I get it. And let me give you some good news: you don’t have to cut down your caffeine just because you’ve started going to the gym, as some people say. Instead, a small shot of coffee before a workout session helps in boosting your energy, increasing your endurance level, and preventing your muscles from getting sore. So many health benefits in a simple, unsweetened cup of espresso!


Want to know one of the best power foods out there? Oats. Yes, these plain old plant-based grains are rich in carbs, and not just any sort of carbs, which burn up quickly and exhaust you mid-session. Oatmeal carbs are ones who stay longer, have a complex composition, take time to be broken down, and keep giving you energy for longer durations of time. The more energy you have, the less strain you’re likely to feel. Not only that, oats have soluble fibers in them, which make the digestion process slow and smooth, preventing you from getting hungry over and over again. So get your hands on oatmeal, and avoid the ready-made processed variety if you can.


Before heading to the gym, it is important for you to know which exact physical aspects you wish to work upon. Do you want to go for body-bulking and abs sculpting which will come out of weight-lifting, or do you prefer a full body workout that would include mountain climbing or hiking? If the latter’s your choice, the perfect pre-workout drink for you is the salty red beet juice. Why? The nitrates in beets are excellent carriers of oxygen to the strained body tissues. This oxygen retention is very important, especially where heights are concerned.

Post-Workout Healthy Foods

You’re done with the workout, and your body is in a precarious state, burning up and stretched to the limit. You have to be very careful about what you eat now. Recovery foods, rich in protein and carbohydrates, should be your goal. Here are some examples.

Nuts and Fruits

They might seem like an odd pair, yet together they are quite a powerful combination. For instance, you can connect the healthy-fat containing almonds with vitamin C boosting orange slices. Or you can spread a nut butter, rich in protein, on crunchy apple slices, which are great antioxidants. Let the healing process begin!

Chia Seeds

If light and refreshing are what you’re searching for following a workout, look no further than chia seeds. These are loaded with omega-3s and plenty of fiber, allowing for smoother bowel movements. Eat them raw or throw them in your smoothie for a refreshing effect.

Chicken Fillet

Meat is quite necessary for rebuilding the lost proteins. And nothing’s better than white meat, which is rich in amino acids and vital vitamins that a human body needs after a strenuous workout. So go ahead and grill that juicy chicken breast, with a hint of lemon and seasoning, and savor it after your heavy routine.


If dairy agrees with you, then consuming low-fat Greek yogurt after a workout is a great source of relaxation. Its inherent coolness turns down the heat built up in your body as a result of the exercise. Plus, it has got enough protein in its makeup to lead you to instant recovery. Eat it as a snack on your way out and see how you feel.


What’s the most popular food source, glamorized all over Instagram and other social media platforms as well? Take a guess. Yes, the green meat Avocadoes, brimming with healthful properties. One of the best post-workout foods, this fat-rich jewel can be consumed in a variety of ways. You can eat it raw, spread it on toast, add it to a smoothie, or fashion it with olive oil.

Thus, you can plan your diet around the aforementioned healthy foods, and make your workouts completely energizing.