Everyone knows that there are two ways to obtain virtual currency. One is to purchase currency directly on the secondary market, and the other obtains it through mining. Therefore, miners are essential mining equipment. There are many types of miners on the market, such as ASIC, IPFS miners, etc., and everyone knows that IPFS mining is the best investment method, with low investment and high return, and the sooner you enter, the better.

There are currently two ways to invest in IPFS: one is to earn profits by buying and selling currency, and the other is mining.

  1. The first way to invest in IPFS is to earn profits by buying and selling currencies, buying and selling FIL coins!

To make profits by buying and selling currencies and pursuing the form of getting rich quickly, that is, speculation. High risks accompany high returns. Because retail investors are completely asymmetrical with significant institutional bookmakers in terms of technology, mentality, information, financial strength, etc., they often make little money, lose big money, and return overnight, it wasn’t easy to make money from anti-human investments. What you make today does not necessarily belong to you, because as long as you make a mistake, you will lose money sooner or later. Friends who invest in this way should have a deep understanding. I suggest you participate cautiously. The risk is exceptionally high!

  1. The second way to invest in IPFS is mining, that is, buying miners.

IPFS mining is buying a storage server or miner, hosted in the IDC computer room, through distributed storage technology to package data, upload time and space proofs, and other tasks to obtain token rewards, FIL! After ecological application, there will be storage and retrieval benefits!

However, the miner market has indeed mixed recently. Everyone chooses to make miners. The government will supervise it! In the future, technical thresholds and standards will increase, and some small companies have almost no room for survival, so you must choose a company with technical strength and background! Especially companies with a background in state-owned assets are safer and more reliable!

There are hundreds of IPFS miners, so how to choose a good miner and how much does one IPFS miner cost? How long will it take to payback?

How much is an IPFS?

The price of the IPFS miners varies. Each price is available, mainly depending on the configuration you choose or on factors such as the age of the miners’ property rights. Many miners are blowing up their minds, but the situation is deplorable, and investors need to make a clear distinction.

IPFS Miner ultra S4 is known as a perfect Filecoin miner with its 96TB hash rate and 1800W power consumption. In addition, it processor has multiple threads and multiple cores, bringing better mining services and mining experience to miners. You can contact our after-sales service to get a specific miner quotation.

How long will it take to pay for an IPFS miner?

The miners participating in IPFS mining are most concerned about the return cycle. Let’s calculate with a 288T miner:

The total price of the miner plus the custody fee is 53259.7 US dollars.. The 288T miner is packed with 192T. The current cost of packaging 1T requires about six coins. The current currency price of FIL is 78 US dollars. The initial investment cost: (53259.7+192 *6*78)=143,115.7  US dollars. Now FIL’s single T coin production is 0.035FIL/T, and the daily income after the package is complete is 192*0.035*0.8*28=419.328 US dollars/day.

The payback period is 143,115.7/419.328=341 days.

The cost of the pledge can be paid back in about a year, and the pledged coins will be refunded later. The higher the price of the coin, the shorter the return period.

How to choose a good miner?

The essence of this question is, which IPFS is the most cost-effective? The higher the configuration, the better the performance, the higher the hash rate, and the more advantageous in mining. Nevertheless, IPFS mining is an investment behavior, and what should be considered is the return on investment and the safety of the investment.

Therefore, the concentrator must first select the company. The company has the strength to guarantee it. How to choose a reliable and reliable miner?

  1. Have its core technology;
  2. Whether there is an independent team with a clear division of labor and technical solid force;
  3. Whether the device is a first-line brand, such as Toshiba, Seagate, WD Western Digital;
  4. Whether a company’s compliance is legal, and the company must have a completion certificate. In addition, it must be able to sign a formal contract, such as property rights, to purchase hash rate miners.
  5. What is the standard of the computer room? Uninterrupted network, high-bandwidth environment, and constant humidity are just the basics. IDC computer room also has a star rating. The higher the star rating of the computer room, the better the level of all aspects of the computer room.

ZEUS MINING is committed to the global miner’s business. Sell the best ASIC miners and miners accessories, and provide efficient and accurate miners maintenance and repair.

Recently, the country has paid more and more attention to IPFS technology, and related research institutions of IPFS have been established one after another. IPFS is an essential infrastructure of web3.0, and IPFS is also profitable.

With the advent of the 3.0 era, IPFS distributed storage has accelerated the global digitalization process. Indeed, IPFS is still a long way from realizing full-scale applications, but for IPFS, there is only a lack of application landing interfaces. However, with the continuous development of future network technology, IPFS will go faster and farther.

Finally, I also hope that friends, when choosing IPFS miners for mining, be sure to keep your eyes open, analyze rationally, and choose a reliable, honest mining company, and don’t be misled and deceived by the fund project. IPFS mining is a long-term and continuous profit process, and long-term stability is the most important thing. So don’t blindly enter the fund project.