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Instagram is just one of the many social media platforms whose technology is constantly changing. Due to these constant changes staying up-to-date about Instagram’s newest update has never been easy. Thus, if you don’t want to miss anything, then keep on reading. In this post, we have put together a list of Instagram features that you may not know up till now.

5 New Instagram Features

Countdown Timer on Instagram Stories

Within your IG stories, you can now incorporate a countdown timer that can greatly help you in building urgency as well as the hype around everything you want.

This feature, on the other hand, is a classic advertising technique that will inspire actions in people. Further, we’re advising you to use a countdown timer on a regular basis to keep your audience excited about what you are up to.

Close Friends

This Instagram feature will let you compile a list of your followers whom you can send private stories. You can make a list of your closest and actual friends and begin sending your secret stories.

Moreover, this feature is also beneficial for businesses. As a matter of fact, they can use to send sneak peeks about their new products and exclusive offers to their past and loyal customers.

But if you’re promoting your video, then this feature may not be helpful to you, especially if you want to increase the views. Nevertheless, if you want your videos to get a significant number of view, you may want to buy real Instagram video views at any legit and reliable seller.

Sharing a post to your story

With this feature, you can now share your or someone else’s post to your IG story. Aside from that, the photo itself will become a clickable link that will take people from your stories, direct to the photo. In fact, this is one of the best things that you can do if you want people to visit your feed and view your stories.

Filtering Direct Messages

If you are receiving a lot of direct messages (DMs) every day, you will definitely find this feature extreme beneficial.

By simply tapping a button, you will be able to filter your messages with ease to make them more organized. What’s more, you can also reply in a very systematic way.

Apply for Verification

Did you notice the blue check that is seated next to the usernames of your favorite artists and celebrities? If yes, that is a thing called verification. Before, there’s no way for average people to apply for this kind of status. But luckily, Instagram has opened up the capability to request for verification. If you meet the guidelines or criteria imposed by Instagram, you may possibly get that blue check as well.


There you have it that list of the new Instagram updates that you shouldn’t miss. Since this social media platform is constantly changing, you will definitely expect a lot of new features in the forthcoming, so stay updated.