Anxiety is the response of the body to stress in its natural way. Mostly related to a feeling of fear, at some point in life, we all have experienced this feeling because we all get stressed at some point. Though the condition might not be that mild and it took just a short time, the research puts it that almost one in every five people in the United States of America suffers from anxiety, this is the statistics of Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

However, when the situation escalates it becomes a disorder. Anxiety can either be treated through medication or therapy, and sometimes both methods can be used. There is a method of dealing with anxiety that is much effective, this is the use of Pressure points, they are often used to relieve anxiety, but this must be the very specific pressure points. Every pressure point has a function they perform; we are going to look at the six pressure points that are used to relieve anxiety in specific, these are;

Hall of impression point

This is a pressure point that is located just below the foreheads and between the eyebrows. Using this pressure point can be very helpful in dealing with anxiety since it plays a very big role in relieving stress, but how do you use this pressure point? Well, according to experts in home service massage, this is how you can use this pressure point;

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your head up, it is not advisable that you do this when you are lying down or moving, after finding comfortability, close your eyes.
  • Softly without rush or too much pressure, touch this point between your eyebrows using your thumb or even your index finger
  • Now apply some pressure while moving your thumb in a circular motion at the very same point for at least 5 minutes or more though you need not do it for more than ten minutes, take deep breaths but very slowly as you do this, just make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure to be comfortable.

You can always use this method when you feel you are having signs of anxiety, and the situation will come down.

Heavenly gate point

This is another pressure point that is located in the ear on the upper shell of the ear just at the end of the upper hollow part, this point is very important in relieving anxiety and pressure, so how do you use this pressure point?

  • The first thing is to find the location of the point, note that, it has to be the very exact point for it to work, so make sure you find it right, you can ask for help to locate it or just use your mirror to find it.
  • Using your finger now apply some reasonable pressure while moving your finger in a circular motion for at least two minutes.

If you find the very exact point and you do it right, this pressure point will help you greatly in reducing anxiety and stress.

The shoulder well point.

This pressure point is located in the shoulder muscles, on both sides of the shoulders. The pressure point is very helpful, other than relieving you from anxiety and stress; it also helps in relieving headaches and muscle tension. How to use the pressure point;

  • The obvious first step is to locate where the pressure point is, that is in your shoulder muscles.
  • Using your middle finger and your thumb, pinch the muscle, not so hard to harm yourself, it should be gentle.
  • Apply some pressure; it should be considerably firm and then massage the point for at least five seconds
  • You can now let go the pinch but continue massaging the point for some time. If you do this correctly, it will work for you.

You should note that this pressure point is very sensitive for pregnant women, this can easily trigger labor pains and so it is advisable that you don’t use this point when you are pregnant.

Union valley point.

This point is located between your thumb and your index finger. When used well, this point can play a very big role in reducing stress anxiety and headache too. How to use this pressure point;

  • Using your other hand apply pressure to the point between on the webbing between your thumb and the index finger
  • For around five seconds while taking deep, slow breaths, massage the point

Also, a point to note on this pressure point is that it should not be used by pregnant women because it triggers labor pains too.

Great surge point.

This point is located on the foot just above the intersection of the big toe and immediate second toe, it is not on the bone, and it is just below it. This is also a good pressure point that will help you relieve stress and anxiety. How to use this point;

  • Locate the point, which is the first step, just move your finger from between your toes, the big toe and the adjacent one, and you will find the point.
  • Apply some firm but reasonable pressure.
  • Do a massage for around five seconds or so.

The inner frontier gate point

The inner frontier gate pressure point is located on the arm just below the wrist on the side of the palm of the arm. How to use the point;

  • Put your arm in a position such that your palm faces up.
  • Using your other hand, move for a very short distance from our wrist and check out the point that lies between the tendons.
  • Apply some considerable pressure to this point for at least five seconds and then massage the point.

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