The International Society of Hair Restoration estimates that 45% of men can’t grow a full beard. In an attempt to remedy that, 4,500 British men underwent a beard transplant in 2013 alone. That is in excess of the number of British men who underwent a nose job the same year.

Today, beard transplants have only increased in popularity in the UK. Hair restoration clinics throughout the country offer beard transplant procedures, but which clinic is right for you?

The Wimpole Clinic

Established in 1975, The Wimpole Clinic has been at the forefront of the UK’s hair restoration industry for decades. With its office in Marylebone, London, it is one of the most popular hair restoration clinics in the capital. It offers a variety of procedures, including FUE and FUT hair transplantation, PRP therapy, and, of course, beard transplantation. At The Wimpole Clinic, beard transplant prices vary from patient to patient. However, you can expect to spend at least £2999 on the procedure.

Vinci Hair Clinic

For British living outside of England, there is the Vinci Hair Clinic. The Vinci Hair Clinic has offices all over the United Kingdom, including Edinburgh, Cardiff, Aberdeen, and Glasgow. It also operates a number of clinics in English cities, such as Leeds, Manchester, and London. The clinic welcomes both male and female clients, with the former often undergoing beard transplant procedures. The Vinci Hair Clinic and its many satisfied customers have been featured on the BBC, as well as in the Daily Mail and Men’s Health.

Liverpool Skin Clinic and Hair Transplant Centre

As the city’s premier hair restoration clinic, the Liverpool Skin Clinic, and Hair Transplant Centre have helped many Liverpudlian men achieve the beard of their dreams. The clinic’s chief surgeon is Dr. Joy Kumari, one of the UK’s leading hair restoration specialists. With a decade of experience, she has mastered the FUE method of beard transplantation. Kumari’s clients have described her work as “amazing” and “second to none.” Click here for more detailed testimonials from past clients of the Liverpool Skin Clinic and Hair Transplant Centre.

Going Abroad For A Beard Transplant

A beard transplant in the UK can be pretty expensive. The same can be said of a beard transplant virtually anywhere in the Western world. For many British people, high costs mean a hair transplant in their home country isn’t possible. But don’t worry, there is another way.

Every year, thousands of UK residents travel to Turkey for a hair transplant. Hair transplantation is a billion dollar industry in Turkey. There are hundreds upon hundreds of clinics operating in the country. The vast majority of these offer the same procedures as their British counterparts for a fraction of the cost. Take The Vera Clinic in Istanbul, for example. At The Vera Clinic, a medical tourist can secure a beard transplant for significantly less than they would pay in any of the clinics examined above. If you’re considering traveling to Turkey for your beard transplant, consult to help plan your trip.