Vladimir Sloutsker is a famous politician who always stands for the rights of Jewish people. Also, he is a co-founder and president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress. The main task of this organization is to create a relationship between government authorities and Jewish organizations, to defend the interests and rights of Jews in the EU territory.

The reason for such a strong position is the desire to support Jewish people. He always felt a strong connection to Jewish Diaspora. Due to his origin, Mr. Sloutsker had a hard time during his student years. He faced a lot of difficulties while entering university. USSR universities were not accepting him only because of his background. But nevertheless, he has overcome all the hardships and built an excellent career and got his Ph.D. degree.

The politician had always watched the historical formation and development of Israel, even when he was forced to leave his native land. Still, despite a long time in a foreign country, his patriotism only grew. All the time, he dreamed of returning to his homeland and helping to rebuild a strong national structure.

Vladimir Sloutsker was able to return only in 2011, and at the same time, he has created the Israeli-Jewish Congress. In two years they succeeded in organizing trilateral dialogue. That became a crucial element in restoring positive opinion towards the Jewish people. Thanks to the initiatives of leaders of the Jewish Diaspora in Israel, America, and Europe, a young ambassador project was created to support all Jews abroad. It is clear that all Jews cannot live only in the territory of Israel. Therefore, maintaining strong Diasporas will help them to be proud of their identity and protect their rights and interests.

Besides, Vladimir Sloutsker is actively participating in the change of citizenship laws. He strongly believes that everyone who has Jewish roots should be able to get Israeli citizenship. Origin is not something to be ashamed of, but on the contrary, it is a great reason for pride. And it does not matter if the person lives in his native land or abroad.

It is hard to see that the majority of the younger generation wants to hide their nationality. Unlike their parents, they are not interested in obtaining citizenship. One of the reasons for such issue is the fact that anti-Semitism is actively growing in the world. In this regard, Mr. Sloutsker urges all governments to take actions. He emphasizes that the problem of hatred to social minorities must not be left waiting. This problem can only be solved by joining forces and communicating existing issues.

The president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress is living in the UK now and is a part of British Jewry. He moved to the UK because of his daughter studying. However, he never lost touch with Israel. Mr. Sloutsker actively engaging with the Diaspora and attends conferences, where he shows his support and attracts the help of other influential people.

Amber Rudd, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amber Rudd, noted her support for the Jewish people. She emphasized the importance of combating all manifestation of hatred of social minorities. The problem must be concerning not only Jews as a nation but also other religious organizations and countries.

Mr. Sloutsker sees the problem of the social division as a major in modern society. Therefore, he is doing his best to adopt the experience of foreign organization and follow their example. For instance, America undergoes an active process of development of information campaigns. It makes a massive contribution to the fight against national and religious conflicts. Vladimir Sloutsker believes that such a policy is wise and thinks that it will help to unite society.