Whether you are attempting to live with a hernia while waiting for the surgery date to arrive or trying to manage the hernia without surgery, there are certain types of supplies that will help. You already know that having the right types of hernia support belts will accomplish a great deal. Along with the belts, it pays to invest in these other supplies.


Dressings are one of the ways that you help to manage seepage from hernias. This example of a helpful hollister ostomy supply should be absorbent enough to keep the area around the hernia dry. It should also prevent any seepage onto your outer clothing. Remember that you do want it to be flexible enough to cover the area while also remaining in position. With the right dressing and belt, you should be able to go about the day without any worries.

Skin Gel Wipes

The skin in the immediate area of the hernia can become somewhat dry and need cleaning at the same time. Instead of using products that will make the dryness worse, purchase some skin gel wipes that are made to work with the hernia support belts and hernia dressings. Together, they will go a long way toward helping you feel a little fresher and reduce the potential for infections to set in.

Barrier Rings and Strips

You definitely need to talk with your doctor about selecting Hollister ostomy supplies like barrier rings and strips. Depending on the severity of the hernia, the ring and strip will help to even out the skin contours surrounding the stoma. That will in turn help make the drainage more secure and less likely to leak. The ring itself helps to smooth out the skin while the adhesive strip helps to hold the ring in position.

Odor Eliminator Sprays

While the combination of hernia support belts, rings, and strips go a long way toward controlling the hernia, there is still the matter of odor. Even when you do your best to keep the area clean, you may still notice a scent. That, in turn, makes you feel self-conscious about being around other people.

While the gel wipes help to some degree, consider investing in an odor eliminator spray. Many of the sprays do more than mask the smell with a pleasant scent. They actually help to diffuse the scent. While the spray is not a substitute for using the gel wipes, it will help you feel better about the smell and make it easier to enjoy going out with friends when the opportunity arises.

Remember that you do have options when it comes to belts and different types of Hollister ostomy supplies. Take the time to explore each design and find out what the product is intended to accomplish. Try the products that seem to be a good fit and see what you think. It won’t take long to see how each of these make it a little easier to live with the hernia for now or for as long as necessary.