Top Tips for a Beautiful Smile


There are few things that make up an impression on a person as much as a smile. Sure, you have the general appearance, demeanor, and behavior, but a smile is usually one of the first big impressions of a person, a snapshot of who they are when they’re happy, excited, interested, or surprised. A good smile goes beyond the shape or shade of the teeth, but healthiness does play a big role. We’ve got a collection of tips to make any smile shine for multiple reasons.

1. Tooth care

Brushing your teeth regularly is just common sense. Most of us do it, and we know that it protects the outer layer of teeth and preserves healthy coloring. Still, there are a few extra steps in tooth care that you can take to keep your pearly whites healthy. For one thing, there is flossing. It may not be very enticing or interesting to spend part of your morning routine dragging a string through your teeth, but the benefits cannot be ignored. Good flossing removes food residue and other substances that may contribute to the decay of teeth, and this is not something you want to ignore.

2. Orthodontics

Many of us wish for perfect rows of teeth, all even in form and position, but this is not always the lot life hands us. In some cases, teeth become crooked or misplaced, but this is hardly causing them to lose hope for a perfect smile. By simply visiting an orthodontist and possibly accepting a set of procedures, you can invest in a healthy set of teeth that will look beautiful, even if this effect is not achieved instantly. The most common approaches to such tooth issues are braces and retainers, but there are also other, less-disruptive methods that your individual orthodontist can prescribe, depending on the circumstances.

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3. Dietary Measures

To keep your teeth looking healthy and white, you will not need to take up any restrictive or abnormal diet, but there are a few minor changes that you can make to your diet to prevent the rapid discoloring of teeth. Wine, coffee, and tea are all tasty and healthy in their own right, but they have a detrimental effect on tooth coloring when consumed in excess. Thus, even by laying off on daily consumption, you can make a big improvement to your smile.

4. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is considered to be a quick fix to making teeth shine with pearly white brilliance again. The procedure is not complicated and easy to find, though some think of it as a drastic and short-term solution. In some ways, it is similar to tongue scraping, which quickly brings out the natural color of your tongue. Though such measures are not universally practiced, one cannot deny their effectiveness.

5. Lip care

Focusing on teeth in smile improvement is important, but we should never forget another key part of the mouth involved in any smile – the lips. Keeping your lips moisturized, smooth, and unblemished will make as big a difference in your smile aesthetics as anything you do with your teeth.