The features installed at a home depend on the challenges that such a home faces. Shutters are installed to deal with different challenges, including security, storms and for beauty purposes. The Bahamas is on a storm belt. For homeowners, it is expensive and heartbreaking always to repair your windows with every storm. This is why Bahama Shutters are recommended for all homes.

By installing shutters, you reduce the risks and damage that comes with storms. The shutters can be installed on a permanent or temporary basis. This depends on the preference of the homeowner. Installing shutters reduces the risk of injuries arising from broken glasses and flying objects as a result of the storm. Shutters will also fortify your interiors and protect them from damage.

The advantage of protecting your home from the storm goes beyond shielding it from damage. Insurance companies will provide you with cheaper premiums if your house is properly guarded. It will also be cheaper to restore the house in case a storm tears it down.

What are the best types of Bahamas shutters?

Storm or hurricane shutters come in different designs and varieties. These differences will affect the appearance of your house. The differences will also affect the cost and architectural complementarity of your house. Here are different types of shutters and how they fit into different houses or areas.

  • Storm Panel– the shutters are made of such materials as aluminum, steel, and polycarbonate, among others. They are temporary and only put on the window when the storm is approaching. This means that your window will be plain during the other seasons of the year. They are installed using a steel channel that has to be bolted on the top and bottom. Even the channel can be bolted when the need arises. Because of the reasonable cost, they are some of the most popular in the industry. The price will depend on the size and material used. However, you will get the shutter with $7-$15 for an ordinary window.

  • Roll Up or Roll Down Shuttersthey are generally referred to as rolling shutters. They are installed as a permanent feature on your house. This means that they have to be made of high quality and strong material, mostly metal and polycarbonate. They are regarded as the strongest and most durable shutters in the market. This also makes them some of the most effective shutters in the market. They are designed to operate under louvers or hinges and a trigger that is either manual or automatic. Their attractive design makes them a choice for most homeowners. They are easy to customize and affordable, only costing $20-$30 per square meter.

  • Accordion – they fall into the permanent shutter category and are made of polycarbonate or metal. They are unfolded and rolled on either side of the window and will cost between $20 and $25 a square foot.

  • Colonial- they are loved because of the level of privacy they offer and their aesthetics. They can be mounted on either side of a window. They allow you to use a single, bi-fold or triple fold design. They can be made of different materials including wood, polycarbonate, and aluminum. They also allow flexibility in terms of color, texture, and aesthetics.

  • Bahama– they originate from the country by that name and are known for providing adequate protection during a storm. However, they are loved for providing adequate protection against the hot coastal climate. They will provide perfect protection against the wind and are easy to mount. They will cost between $15 and $20 a square foot.

There are other shutters made of plywood or you can use the hurricane glass. You will get on that is the customized to fit the size of your window. However, the price will depend on size, the material used and the style you choose. Professional installation is important to avoid endangering your life when the storm comes. It also makes your shutters durable and functional.

    1. What Are the Different Types of Bahama Shutters?

This is the preferred style for homes built on islands. They provide adequate protection against the storm and are permanently mounted. They come in deferent designs and styles. Their design allows you as a homeowner to see the outside. They can withstand the toughest storm, explaining why they are preferred by most homeowners. They include glass, aluminum, and steel shutters. Here is a reason why many homeowners prefer the Bahama design for shutters.

  • Beyond adding charm to your home, they are the perfect protection against any storm

  • They have an excellent architectural appeal. This makes them fit any home design without overshadowing the original design or feeling out of place.

  • It is easy to install these shutters on any window or home

  • You can operate them easily from inside the office or house

  • They are excellent when you want a secure house

  • They come in multiple colors

  • You can adjust their slant by 60 degrees

  • They are perfect and convenient to allow light, air, and privacy

Bahama shutters style is known to add an island flavor to a home. The perfect storm protection and aesthetics of the design make them excellent for most homes. They can handle the harshest winds regardless of the material used. In fact, they set standards internationally on the quality of shutters in the market.

What Types of Bahama Shutters Should I Buy

It is impossible to point to one type of shutter and claim that it is the best for all. The choice made depends on individual circumstances and personal preferences. Some of the factors to consider when making a choice include the level of protection you require and the architectural style of your house. With numerous options like Bahama shutters, colonial, rolling shutters, panel and the others, professional guidance will help you make the right choice. Price will hinder you from getting the shutters you want. However, there are excellent alternatives if you consult an expert in shutters. Your main focus must be protecting your house during a storm, above anything else.