Online marketing is an essential part of online business and it needs more investment as compared to other parts of the business which are operations, production etc. Every business has to engage their customers and online marketing is one of the best practices that maintain a good relationship between customers and vendor. A digital business can’t survive without branding. There are following types of practices that are used for digital marketing.

Google AdWords (PPC Campaign):

Google is a search engine which has trillions of users each day. Usually, people search for anything in it to find the solution for their queries. The search engine is also used for online marketing by means of running paid campaign. PPC or you can say it Google AdWords is based on keywords and its monthly searches. By using the keyword planner tool, Google shows various varieties of keywords with its bidding cost and monthly searches. Bidding shows the price invested by the websites to get traffic via search engine ads. Google place ads on top of the search results, but it depends upon the bidding. Most of the online businesses are using this technique to get instant results by investing in ads.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is associated with a search engine. It also shows websites in search engine results, but it is different from Google AdWords.  In SEO, there is no need to invest money in bidding but have to create content which is SEO optimized and shows value to the website visitor. As same as PPC, SEO is also based on keywords, but keywords should be used in the content of the website.

SEO is based on two-phase. Website content are also known as on page optimization which is based on four essential parts, Meta optimization, heading & body texts, images and loading time of the website. The second phase is off page optimization which is actually getting links from other relevant websites which includes content marketing & social media presence.

In 2018, search engine optimization is completely changed. Now, Strong SEO can be established in content marketing, local citation, and social signals.

The traffic comes through SEO is known as organic traffic, and it is free as the business owners don’t have to pay any penny on clicks. It is also known as the cheapest and effective way of digital marketing. SEO needs time which may be six to nine months to rank the website in the first three positions of the SERP.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is a third most powerful way of digital marketing, but it is a fact that it also helps SEO to rank higher in the search engine. For a service-based business, SEO is not much success, but for product-based business, it is more valuable and cheapest way. The top social media channels are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In SMM, a business owner must have to create a page and promote it by running a paid campaign. Social media campaign are much cheaper than PPC campaign as it helps to reach posts to a large number of audience. People like quality and affordable products and when they find on the wall of their profiles and simply like, share and contact to get the information about the product and convert into a customer.

Most people promote discount offers and bundle deals as a post on the Facebook page and get enough results and customer by spending little. It is also essential that the design of the post is of high quality and contains the image of the product with highlighted discounts or deals.

There are many pages that earn millions of dollars per month via social media profiles and promotion but the majority of those businesses are products and e-commerce.

Personal Blog Networking (Inbound Marketing):

PBN is also one of the best digital marketing technique. Its purpose is to educate the reader of the blog about the product and service and convert into the customer. It is necessary that the person of the blog must be a real and can contact people if needed. The real person can build trust among the people so that people will take interest in the products and services discussed.

In PBN, the problems of the person are mentioned in the title of the post. In the content body, the solutions are mentioned by featuring the product and services in a way that it does not look promotional in any way.

Social Media signals are used to target the audience to reach posts. For PBN LinkedIn is the best platform for promotion. LinkedIn also offers an advertisement by charging little.

There are many success stories of the bloggers who promote the business of their customer using their blog. Neil Patel is one of the examples of PBN who helps people in web promotion and online marketing. A few Years ago, he promotes an explainer video company named as with its single post and in the result, the company earns a large number of authority links, and people start discussing their business. The website is known as Demo Duck, and it is still in highest ranking in search engine results.

Video Marketing:

Today almost 90 percent of people watch YouTube videos of their favorite TV serial, tutorial, and news. As YouTube becomes more powerful than a television channel. According to world stats, it has been researched that people watch almost 5 billion videos per day.

Have you ever notices while you are streaming videos on YouTube, the ads appeared on screen? The ads appeared on YouTube while streaming videos are also the part of the paid campaign.

It is one of the most powerful and effective marketing technique as people can watch the ads by means of a video of five seconds. It increases more chance of branding as it is the same as the television ads. People have the option to skip the ad after completing five seconds. Most of the people convert into the visitor via video ad and convert into the customer.

Video Marketing ranked at the fourth number as most of the people are not using this marketing technique. Those who are using it as a marketing campaign they enjoy the fruitful results.

These are the five and most effective ways of Digital Marketing in 2018 and most people are running their online business by increasing their presence on these channels.