Living in a condo sounds like a great idea and everyone dreams of such a lifestyle. It is supposed to be the most amazing experience as it provides the residents with a lifestyle they need.

The condo is considered one of the modern lifestyle practices. It is quite amazing how they are erected. They are done so with the well condos most amazing features to give tenants the best experience.

It is just natural that as a human being you would want to live in the most amazing environment. The condo life may seem to promise that. From a closer look, however, your dream of living a luxurious lifestyle may turn into a nightmare.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and it is expected to have some of the most amazing buildings. The city has seen the erection of these condos in different locations across the city. It is therefore expected to provide the most fabulous experience.

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The latest census has revealed that the city’s population has grown by 4.5 percent in the past five years. This means the number of people living in apartments of some kind has increased. Therefore, it is almost certain that a lot of people are now sharing the same building. They are also sharing hallways, amenities, and public spaces.

As it is to be expected, this trend means a significant change in the way Toronto condo-dwellers interact with each other. People come from different backgrounds and environments; they will never be the same in the way they look at various issues.

When you are considering playground condos life, therefore, it is vital that you learn everything there is to learn about life there. This includes if you are also shifting from one condo, for example, Sugar Wharf condos to say Transit City condos. The rules are never the same apart from the general ones- there are always variations in how different landlords behave.

There have been several developments in the city concerning condo life. Some of the dwellers have received them positively while others don’t just find the fan. This is to be highly expected in a city of that size with people of different beliefs. In this article, we shall focus on some of the rules and behaviors that make life easy or hard in Toronto condos.

Don’t bother us – we are not interested!

A few months ago, a new rule was introduced to by the Toronto condo board to its residents that seemed a bit awkward for many people. The rule is about workplace harassment, and it is not about the residence of the board.

The board is supposed to protect the residents from any external or internal issue that seems to threaten their peace. However a quote such as “unreasonable and repetitive expression of concerns concerning the administration of the affairs of the condominium corporation” sounds unreasonable.

This rule has been found to be unusually worded, and many residents find it out of order. Yes, the board has a mandate and responsibility to protect its employees against anything that seem to be legitimately harmful to them. It is good for example that the rule bars any statements or behavior that is threatening in nature. There is no problem with that.

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The issues come in where the rule also restrict actions it sees as ‘annoying.’ How can they be able to tell what is annoying when all that the residents want is a peaceful environment? It is understandable therefore that some have interpreted the rule as the board sending them a message. They feel like they are being told not to bother with so many complaints as the board is no longer interested in helping them.

Limited power to fight back

Whether you are living in any of the condos, the rules are all the same. The above rule is just the tip of the iceberg in the string of disputes that have been witnessed in the condo lifestyle.

Despite this, you will still see real estate investors coming in to erect more new glass towers. This means that more and more people are still expected to join the string. It is expected though, considering the way lifestyle has become quite expensive today.

The investor-owned unit gives insufficient power to condo boards and tenants to fight back. They can treat tenants they way they want and come up with rules that sometimes make life even harder when it was supposed to be enjoyable. In a place that you would expect total freedom, the opposite happens as you are treated with a dictatorial nightmare.

There have been received complaints from some tenants renting, whose names have been withheld. They say the rules are aimed at silencing them and if they follow up on requests, they risk penalties.

While the aim of this rule seems legit, some people feel it is too much. For example, Denise Lash, a lawyer with a specialty in condo law is concerned that the definition of harassment is not well placed. Only the condo board has the power to determine what is harassing.

It used to “adults only.”

Condos in the past were supposed to be for adults only. This is according to Marc Bella who is a leader in condo disputes mediation in Toronto. Things have changed, however, due to the high cost of living families are moving in to stay in the city. This has led to a string of court battles in Ontario with human rights activists argue that it is against the law to discriminate against age.


Life in condos can be very exciting in Toronto but also very stressful if you don’t understand the rules. Very soon, the role of condo mediators may change because the government has updated the condominium act. This has seen a new administrative authority set up to improve lives of Condo-dwellers.

The condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) will deal with improving lives in the condos. On the other hand, the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority or Ontario (CMRAO) has the mandate to improve how condos are managed.

Hopefully, this blog will help you have a better life in the condos wherever. It could be in the keeley condos or anywhere else.