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Debating which gender likes sex than the other could be appropriate since sex is not a show-off. However, a clear understanding of which gender engages in sexual relationships the more is pertinent. There have been several schools of thought regarding this topic, but it should be noted that sex is a consensus.

So, which gender loves sex the most? The answer is quite simple; it’s the men! Men seem to be praised more for their sexcapades compared to women. Cultural background also has a lot to do with why women prefer more petite sex than men. It should be noted that women need to have sex more often compared to men. Although, women enjoy sex than men based on several criteria. But enjoying sex and wanting to have sex are two different entities. Hence, it’s safe to say; men like to have sex than women. Since it takes men a shorter period of time to orgasm or ejaculate than ladies, there’s always a thirst for more after recuperation.

Men liking sex than women has caused a shift in the sexual satisfaction from man to woman. Once a man ejaculated, he gets tired and could wait for minutes before having another round. However, this isn’t the same with women. Some men could sleep off due to drowsiness after having sex and ejaculating, causing a halt in pleasure the woman gains from the intercourse. Women have now gradually turned into porn for more pleasure. The fact that there’s a female boner resulting from direct stimulation of the clitoris has made orgasm stress-free for women. All you have to do is watch free porn for women while stimulating the clitoris.

Importance of making female-themed sexual contents

As established above, men ejaculate faster than women. Hence, they tend to like sex more. So, it’s imperative for women to also orgasm, and since orgasm is somewhat impossible through sexual intercourse alone, porn comes in handy. Here are some of the importance of making free porn for women

  • It aids orgasm:

Attaining orgasm being a woman does not always happen during direct penetration. Most times, it comes by stimulation of the clitoris, making sex for ladies somewhat deterministic. So, to attain orgasm, you need to focus on the clitoris, which could be achieved by seeing porn for women. By porn for women, it doesn’t necessarily have to be lesbian porn; any porn with more concentration on the women would do the trick.

  • It’s as enjoyable as it is educative:

While this might sound awkward, it’s essential to know that female-themed sex is educative. It educates both the man and the woman. While it teaches the men the right places to touch while having sex, it teaches the lady how to understand when she’s achieved orgasm. Some ladies mistake being wet as having an orgasm. There are two different assumptions. Also, sex is equally interesting. Some partners have sex to catch fun and spend more time with each other as a form of recreation.