Forget all these latest and expensive exercise machines. Instead, go outside and feast your eyes and body on the natural environment. Do you know how much time we spend indoors? We hardly have time to go out to observe nature. Rather, we all are stuck to our mobile phones and laptops surfing our Xfinity internet if you aren’t already aware, Comcast internet deals are especially appealing. Many of us even get our exercise indoors.

These indoor workouts are good, but I don’t think that anything can compete with nature. I would rather go out to exercise than working out in some gym. If you’re wondering what kinds of outdoor exercises can get you that six-pack, here is a list you can learn from!


Let’s start with a simpler exercise that everybody knows about. This is an exercise that involves every muscle of your body and stretches them. If you haven’t done planks in your life, you should start with 3-5 reps of 30 seconds a day. Before you know it, you’ll observe your body getting all toned up.

Tree Sit:

Find a smooth tree and reinvent the wall sit with this tree. Place your back against the tree and lower into the squat position with your knees at a 90-degree angle. Then straighten your right or left leg, and hold for 30-60 seconds, then repeat the same for the other leg. If you’re a newbie, do 5-10 reps a day. Otherwise, 15 reps are a must.


Push-ups are a commonly known exercise, but they aren’t as simple and easy as they seem. They require a lot of stamina and power. You don’t have to expect that you can do the actual push-ups on the very first try. It’s better to start against some bench in the park or against a shelf, and then gradually go towards the actual pushups. 2-3 reps of 10 sets can build your stamina and lead you towards the hardcore pushup.

Walk with Weight:

One of life’s most practical exercises is walking with heavy weights. It is a simple exercise which delivers amazing results and builds stamina. Simply squat and pick up the heaviest boulder you can carry. Then walk for 30-60 seconds. And do 5-6 reps. if you feel it’s too easy for you, then walk up a hill to build even more stamina and muscle.

Pick Things Up:

Stand with a large rock between your feet and lift it up by dropping your hips, like a deadlift. Push your heels and stand, curling the rock up, and bring it back towards your left shoulder. Do 20-30 reps for both shoulders.

Pick Up and Throw Things:

Picking up and throwing a heavy stone or something similar can provide a strong boost to your cardiovascular system. At the top of a hill or some heightened place, squat the rock up, raise it, and throw it down the hill. Then run after it, and toss it up the hill to repeat the process. This simple exercise serves the purpose of most cardio exercises.


Do some weighted lunges in a park by holding a heavy rock. It targets your entire lower body and tones your legs and hips. It even makes muscles stronger for difficult hikes.

Back Climbs:

Putting all your weight on your arms is a task. But once you start practicing, it actually boosts your body strength and burns fat. Making a back climb with some tree or wall is a great exercise for your arm strength that also improves blood circulation from head to toe.

Bicycle Crunch:

A bicycle crunch is a core cardio exercise. It targets three major parts: the abdomen (from the main crunching), the oblique (from the side to side shaking), and the lower abs (from the reverse crunch movement). It’s a great exercise to target the shoulder muscles and hip flexors.

Jump Squats:

Ever wonder how these athletes have those muscles and perfectly toned bodies? That is all because of these exercises, and the jump squat is a perfect athletic exercise. Just squat, jump straight and get back on your feet softly. It strengthens your lower body power. In order to improve your ability to climb and run over obstacles, jump squats are the best exercise.

Pike Push-Ups:

If you’ve mastered the normal push-ups, then maybe it’s time to also add pike pushups into your routine. This form of push-up directly targets the shoulders and leads to muscular development all over.

Prone Back Extension:

The more extended muscles are, the stronger they will respond. Just lie down with your stomach touching the ground with your arms and legs fully extended. Now engage with your back muscles and lift your torso. Do it for 2-3 seconds and return to original position.

A perfect body doesn’t require heavy and costly equipment, just determination. These 12 exercises can tone your body the way you’ve never imagined and made you strong internally. Start them today and observe the results yourself.

Also, try kegel exercises for better vaginal health.