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Years after the traumatizing events of September 11, 2001, death and illness cases are still on the rise due to the toxic exposure in New York. Even though no form of compensation can replace the happenings, you can benefit from medical and financial programs to help you manage your future.

Even so, you need to hire an experienced 9/11 claim attorney, such as those from Weisfuse & Weisfuse.

An experienced 9/11 fund lawyer will ensure that you get the compensation you’re entitled to. Since they understand the immense effects of toxic exposure, they will show the utmost dedication to helping you file for a claim.

Besides, an attorney with many years of experience will leave no stone unturned for your fund case so that you will receive the maximum compensation you deserve. The more years they have been in the industry, the more their skills, expertise, and knowledge.

They will ensure that you do not miss any deadlines, have all the necessary documentation ready, and file complete claims to facilitate the filing of a legitimate Victim Compensation Fund claim.

Other tips for hiring a 9/11 attorney include:

Outstanding customer service

The best 9/11 attorney will ensure to give your case the attention it deserves. Communication with them is a priority. And for this reason, they have open communication lines that will help you reach out to them any day.

Furthermore, the ideal 9/11 professionals do not seek a significant volume of cases. That means that they devote their undivided attention to preparing your case. They take their time to investigate your claim and commit to a client-driven approach.

Free consultation

The best 9/11 claim attorneys represent their clients on a contingency basis. That means that you shouldn’t pay them until you’re successful.

Besides, they should offer free consultation and make it effortless for you to access their services. Whether at home or the hospital, they will reach out to you so they will advise you on the best way forward. Their offices should also be convenient for easy access.

Proven track record

The ideal 9/11 claim attorneys have a track record of taking on challenges as they come. And pride themselves in being problem solvers. They do their best to handle even the most complicated fund cases and ensure that your compensation is just and fair.

For this reason, you need to read client testimonials and ask for referrals. Be sure to read their reviews and success stories to ensure they’re who they claim they are. Sites such as Avvo Rating and Google can help you in this.

The ideal 9/11 claim attorneys have served many 9/11 claim cases successfully. And have earned a level of trust and respect for their services.


As mentioned above, no amount of compensation can replace the loss of your loved one or make up for the past. However, hiring a committed 9/11 claims attorney will help you file a successful compensation claim. And will not charge you for their services until they’re successful in obtaining your award money. We hope the tips discussed above will make your search process less daunting.