Gone are the days when buying Bitcoin was a hard nut to crack. Today, many cryptocurrency platforms allow users to buy Bitcoin through credit/debit cards and direct bank transfers. Bitcoin emerged as a method of processing digital transactions. It was mainly created to eliminate the unnecessary fees charged by banks and third-party payment gateways.

Usually, this fee is charged as a transaction fee. However, crypto transactions made it super affordable and faster for individuals to send or receive money across the world in one click.

Why Invest in Bitcoin?

The best part about Bitcoin is its affordable nature. Anyone from any corner of the world can transfer money without having to spend hundreds of bucks as a transaction fee. There is no limit of transaction. Depending on the requirements, users can convert/send as much Bitcoin Cash as they want.

Sure, there are charges involved in international transactions. But, they are much lower than the bank and third-party payment gateway fees. For example, you can transfer payment from India to France at a flat fee of $2-$3 (regardless of the total amount you are transferring). Not only individuals, but businesses find Bitcoin a cheaper and faster mode of transaction. Businesses can transfer and receive money to/from any part of the world.

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Buy Bitcoin With Credit Cards

There are many crypto platforms that allow users to exchange cryptocurrency with fiat currency (INR, USD, EUR, and more). However, you must compare the transaction transparency and other services before picking the platform. The perfect Bitcoin purchasing platform is the one that offers faster and reliable services. The website must be responsive. Once you are done selecting the Bitcoin exchange platform, here are the next steps you must follow:

1. Get a Bitcoin Wallet

Most Cryptocurrency platforms can hold BTC coins for users. However, you must consider withdrawing Bitcoin to an encrypted and secure crypto wallet. Before you purchase Bitcoin, get your crypto wallet.

2. Initiate the Purchase

Get to the homepage of the cryptocurrency website and choose a particular buying plan. Alternatively, you can enter the total amount of Bitcoin you intend to purchase. You have to choose a currency form (EUR, INR, and USD) you will be exchanging Bitcoin for.

3. Confirm your Verification

While some websites allow users to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without verifying their identity, they restrict the amount of money you can transfer and receive. Make sure that you complete the verification process by submitting a government-issued ID. If you want to increase the limit of the crypto transaction, you must submit the verification details and confirm the registration with a crypto website. Usually, it takes 1.5 hours to complete the verification process.

4. Fill the Credit Card Details

As soon as the verification process is done, you can fill the credit card information to complete your purchase. Add all the details correctly. The website will ask you to confirm the details you have entered.

That’s it! These were the steps to buy BTC with a credit card. Follow these steps and complete your BTC purchase process.