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Whilst fireworks can be a fantastic way to celebrate with friends and family, not all members will be enjoying the occasion. If you have a cat, they may find the experience distressing and even look for a safe place to hide. Whilst you are in the garden or at a public display enjoying the illuminating sky, it can be easy to forget your cat may not be completely thrilled. To help, here are some quick tips on helping your cat during the celebrations so they feel as comfortable as possible.

Keep your cat indoors with a home display

If you are planning to buy fireworks online and enjoy a display at home, it’s easy to get caught up with planning the evening and forgetting about your furry friend. As much as you want to have the best rockets, Catherine wheels, and sparklers from a reputable seller, you may want to think about the noise that will be created. There are many low noise variations of the most popular fireworks, with many online sellers stocking these. This can help your cat not get spooked by loud bangs from your garden. It’s important to keep them indoors during the display too. If your cat does like to spend time outdoors, make sure they are inside and away from your setup.

Create a distraction with the radio or TV

All pets react differently to loud noises, and some may be used to the annual bangs, whizzes, and crackles. Others may not be and will react with much more distress than you may expect. To counter the loud noises outside, create distractions that will soften the noise. Either put the radio on to neutralise the noise of the fireworks or put the TV on instead. This can help as they will be more than likely used to this background noise as part of family life. If you do venture out to a public display, leaving the radio on for your cat is also advisable and will avoid them becoming frightened whilst it’s dark and quiet in the house.

Make a safe and comfortable space 

You probably already have a safe space that your cat likes to venture to. Many may find comfort on your bed, on a favourite chair or even on top of a wardrobe, for example. If that space is going to be near your garden, you may be tempted to encourage your cat to be in a room that is further away and quieter. However, you don’t want to confine them to one room and still allow them to roam. Make sure windows are shut, and if they have a bed, for example, place this in the room too. Your cat will stay comfortable for longer if they have access to their favourite things and find a suitable place to be.

Invest in a pheromone diffuser

Lastly, one other way to help your cat is to look into purchasing a pheromone diffuser. These can work similarly to plug-in air fresheners, releasing calming pheromones into the air. This can help a cat feel more relaxed and help them stay less focused on the fireworks outside. You may want to purchase and start using a pheromone diffuser a week or two before a firework event so that your cat will get used to its effects.

Hopefully, by following the advice above, you can help your cat, or cats, feel much less distressed and stay distracted whilst you and your family enjoy the evening.