Mustard oil has many health benefits, while it is widely used in our cooking, it is also used as a body massage oil. Mustard oil which is extracted by cold pressing of mustard seeds is excellent for our skin as well as the hairs. In India, people have traditionally used this excellent massage oil to keep their skin glowing and hair healthy.

Mustard oil is often used to cleanse the skin to remove dead skins. You have to gently rub on to your joints, necks, feet and all over the body. Let it stay that way for some time and then wash it off. Regularly doing this will give you a healthy and glowing skin. Make sure that you repeat this process twice a week to get the maximum benefit. One thing to caution is that do not add anything else to the oil rub a bit warm oil all over your body which will take away your joint pains as it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, rubbing mustard oil on your body helps the muscles to relax.

Mustard oil is also an excellent moisturizing agent. You can put some amount of mustard oil in your face pack and gently rub it with circular motions for a few minutes. You can do this on your face and neck and after letting the face pack settle for a few minutes wash it off and get a beautiful looking radiant skin.

In addition to keeping the skin healthy and glowing, Mustard oil is also excellent for your hair. To get the maximum benefit, you can take a small amount of warm mustard oil and add coconut oil or almond oil to it and gently rub it on your scalp. The anti-fungal property of Mustard oil will help to keep dandruff at bay, and the therapeutic properties of Mustard oil will help to keep the hair roots strong and the hair shiny. It is also believed that regular use of mustard oil helps in preventing premature greying of the hairs. Additionally, massaging the scalp with warm mustard oil is a real stress buster. It will help you relax after a day of hard work.

You can also use mustard oil in home remedies to ensure that your skin looks young and healthy. One such remedy that you can use is to mix this amazing oil with besan, curd and lemon juice and make a face pack. Apply it on your face and neck area and leave it for some time to dry. Then you should wash it off and see how amazing your skin will look and how soft and supple it will feel.

The amazing thing about massaging your skin with mustard oil is that it provides a different kind of health benefits in different seasons. In summer if you regularly massage your skin with mustard oil, then it will help in improving blood circulation. This has a great effect in opening up the pores of the skin that helps in removing off the unwanted elements of your skin in the form of sweat. Improved sweating cleanses your skin which keeps the skin healthy and disease free.

In the winter months when our skin becomes dry, massaging the skin daily before taking a bath with mustard oil moisturizes it. This will make your skin look supple and healthy. As mustard oil has excellent anti-bacterial properties, regular massaging of the body with mustard oil helps to keep the skin rashes away.

Mustard oils also have excellent sunscreen properties. So, before going out in the sun rub a few drops of mustard oil on your face, neck, and arms and protect them from any sunburns. And as it has good moisturizing properties, it will also keep the skin hydrated which will further add to its glow. Mustard oil is also used to remove the dark spots on your skin and let it get back its natural fairness. The regular use of this excellent oil also has a positive impact in helping you to deal with your acne problem.

Mustard oil is also preferred to massage a newborn baby to strengthen his bones and make his muscles strong. Gently rubbing the baby with mustard oil is a great way through which many parents in India ensure that the baby stays healthy and it does not get any skin rashes.

Always look for pure mustard oil when you want to massage the soft and sensitive skin of a baby. You can get it from the Mustard oil distributors in Jammu. They sell the purest form of mustard oil, which is so important as a massage oil for your child. You should gently warm the oil and then let it cool before applying it to your baby. You can add Ajwain seeds, raw garlic or basil leaves to the oil before applying it to your baby. These provide benefits and keep the skin of your child healthy. Regular massage with Mustard oil will ensure that your baby has healthy and glowing skin. Here we have listed some benefits that your baby will have when you regularly massage him with mustard oil.

  • It helps the child to retain his body heat which is very good in the winter months
  • It increases the circulation of blood that helps in strengthening the bones of the baby
  • Massaging your baby with mustard oil mixed with garlic helps in decongesting the nasal passage thus giving him relief from cold and cough
  • The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of this oil make it an excellent cure for rashes or any other kind of fungal infections
  • It is also an excellent insect repellant

While mustard oil is excellent for keeping the skin healthy, there are a few side effects that may occur in a few cases where the child’s skin is very sensitive or is allergic to this oil. Therefore, in case there is any adverse reaction, stop its use immediately and seek the advice of a doctor.