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Since the arrival of Roman Abramovich, Chelsea became one of the best clubs not only in English football, but also a Champions League winner. Chelsea is known for the ability to bring the best players and is always considered as one of the favorites for the title, but this season might be by far the toughest in the last ten years. Team has lost Eden Hazard, and the arrival of Christian Pulisic will hardly compensate for that.

Also, the club has been given 12-month transfer ban, meaning that the club couldn’t bring anyone during the summer transfer windows, and won’t be able to do so until the summer of 2020. In such a competitive league that is such a handicap that many consider that team might not even push top six, as it can’t compete against Manchester United (already lost 4-0), Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Arsenal.

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That start of the season is not promising, as the club won only four of possible 12 points. As the most pundits predict, the title is an impossible mission, but even a place among the top four teams would be a huge achievement. Still, this is still a team with lots of potentials that might surprise even their hardcore fans, especially as Frank Lampard is the new manager. Chelsea is currently appealing about transfer ban, so there is the hope they might bring a few players during the winter. We still believe that the team will complete top six this season, and with a bit of luck and brilliance, it might crack top four.

It will be interesting to see the performance of the club in the Champions League this season. Chelsea might be considered lucky as it’s a clear favorite in the group H where it will face Ajax, Valencia, and Lille. The limited roster will make some headaches for Lampard, as he’ll have to make compromises and push some inexperienced player on the field. Still, this is the competition that Chelsea might even win, unlike the Premier League. If the league season turns into a nightmare, expect that team sacrifices European challenge for domestic success.

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While it may be a painful experience, Chelsea fans should look at this season as a fresh start and a way to set up everything for things to come. While watching the team might not be as exciting as playing best free sex games, Chelsea will still be the team that is in the center of attention. No matter what happens this season, the club still has the same ambition, and that is to stay among the top teams and at least fights for the title.

If Frank Lampard is given enough time to develop this squad and finds the right players for the club, don’t be surprised if Chelsea becomes one of the teams to beat in the next couple of years. As no one expects too much this season, this is at least the perfect chance to develop.