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Convenience is one of the hallmarks of our digital age. You can do virtually anything online, from purchasing a vehicle to hiring a Handyman. If you have some free time, check out our tutorial on making money with TaskRabbit.

What Is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace based in San Francisco that gives consumers access to a local freelance labor market. Customers can engage with freelance service providers (taskers) and pay them to complete daily chores.

Pickup and delivery are only two of the many services offered by TaskRabbits. Moving assistance (take IKEA delivery, for example), house cleaning, plumbing, or furniture assembly are just a few examples of what you can accomplish.

How Does TaskRabbit Work?

After you’ve created an account and filled out your profile, you simply wait for locals to contact you. Depending on their requirements, the customer may pick a same-day job or a future task. If you can do the task, accept the request and complete it, there’s no need to hire someone. You’ll be paid through Stripe within 24 hours after completion of the work.

How Much Money Can You Expect to Make on TaskRabbit?

You may make as little as $15 per hour on TaskRabbit, according to Glassdoor, and up to $75 per hour. Depending on location, type of service, and execution, your hourly rate might vary significantly. Naturally, simple chores like washing a vehicle or doing errands at the market are paid less than more skilled skills such as accounting, electrical work, and computer programming.

The more hours you put in, the more money you will make for a specific job. Even after you deduct the 15% TaskRabbit service fee and the initial $25 registration charge, you may still make a significant profit. You can receive both the customer’s money and the base rate if you buy any raw materials to complete a task.

Pros of Working on TaskRabbit

  • There is no need to have a degree for these services. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to help people grocery shop, wash automobiles, move out, repair a toilet sink, or perform other odd occupations listed on TaskRabbit. You can make as much money as you want from the platform so long as you have the strength and time to complete all of your activities.
  • It has an extremely low entry threshold. You can begin earning money on TaskRabbit after 48 to 72 hours of registration if you do not have a criminal record and pass the background checks. These two factors aren’t required. Some clients may want more information about your qualifications after they’ve been matched with you.

Cons of Working on TaskRabbit

  • It’s possible that finding a suitable partner for your project might be difficult. You won’t have any TaskRabbit reviews when you first start, so matching with a task may be tough. People are matched using a variety of parameters, including task acceptance rates, task completion rates, and customer feedback.
  • Time investment. While virtual services are available on some platforms, the majority of the jobs on the platform need in-person attention. If you’ve been matched for a same-day assignment, the time it takes to get there is not factored into your hourly rate.