Dreaming about traveling starts to become each day more a usual behavior for people. With no age start or limit, people around the world want to explore other cultures, countries and live experiences to share. The feeling of wanderlust is increasing for multiple reasons, and consequently, your health improves too. If you are the kind of person who feels lighter, with a brand new spirit and opens minded after traveling, you might want to read what are the reasons for that.

“To travel is to take yourself into a journey,” these words are from Danny Kaye, and they speak straight to the heart. First, you might not take attention to what changes about you when you travel. However, in the long run, all can change. Traveling is an underrated investment of yourself. Being exposed to new people, culture, lifestyles, and food make you absorb new insights that allow you to see the world from a different perspective. If you know the expression of “thinking outside of the box,” it is exactly what will happen. “Your box” will open and welcome new visitors. Besides new incomers, your purpose might change or be found. If you feel stuck in your life, career or studies, you might want to consider traveling and just enjoy the newness.

Do you love your home and recognize its’ sentimental and material value? If you do, once you travel you will appreciate it even more. If you are always complaining about how your country/city is not good in A and B, if you leave it for a while you will discover and remember the good perks of it. Leaving our country make us become more aware and beholden for what we have back home. It can also happen for you to realize that maybe your country needs some improvements, but nothing is a full nightmare not to remember the good parts of somewhat. The greatest gift you will receive, from this perspective, could be gratefulness. In some places of the world, people have no drinkable water in the tap or no food. Exploring perilous areas like these makes you appreciate and just be thankful for what you have and conquer daily.

The more people travel, the more they realize that home is not a physical space but a feeling. There is nothing like the comfort of our familiar places, even if they are held in more than one place. It can be a house, a library, a book, a person; it can be whatever it makes your heart warm. Peoples’ home grows into the world, and everyone should be able to choose the place where they want to spend their lives. Due to this, more comprehension will be aroused, and fewer walls and barriers will be constructed. You become more tolerant of others.

Saint Augustine also said that “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” In one book there is more than one chapter; there are pages and pages of discoveries. Human beings study history for thousands of years. Nevertheless, studying and living the experience are two totally different universes. For example, knowing about the Berlin wall and being able to see it, touching it and understanding it, has no comparison of just knowing the facts. You may have the idea that traveling is dangerous or expensive, but if you start doing it, you may reach an unalike opinion.

Making friends turns out to be especially easy once you travel to several countries from the world. You rise to the outstanding truth that all of us cry, laugh, have flaws, have talents and are human beings despite all the background variances. Experiencing humanity expands our perspective of the world in a way we comprehend we are one.

You can afford to buy an astonishing house, the best car in your neighborhood and a top function phone. Though, will you be able to enjoy it to the point you feel grateful? If you can afford a flight to somewhere and life experiences, will you be able to feel something better than just buying material supplies? You can, of course, feel happy about buying what you want to, but will you be able to take that with you once you say goodbye to the world? I am just giving you some “food for thought” about how you feel towards certain possessions in life.

One thing is for sure; you can bet that traveling will always improve your health, no matter what the state of your mind is. Life keeps on changing you, experiences overshadow your purpose and conquests, or lost battles turn you stronger. Traveling is not only a ticket to somewhere else but an adventure to your inner self.