There are a number of players that have unfortunately not been able to play responsibly; the worst result of the irresponsible play is gambling addiction. This is when players continually chase losses and say things like, “I’ll will it all back on the next spin”. With this accompanies extreme feelings of desperation and anger, these results in carelessness that then leads the player to keep losing.

Although this kind of player forms only a small part of the market, it is still good to know the signs and how to prevent such behavior from manifesting or continuing at King Casino. Prevention is the best cure that is why there are so many “play responsibly” signs plastered over marketing campaigns for casinos and casino games. This is a guide that helps inform about responsible gambling in order to keep the fun going and prevent any serious losses.

What to Avoid when at casinos

If gambling has led to negative habits, then it may be time to step back and set a few boundaries. Being able to identify such behavior is the key to finding ways to rectify them and apply strategies to keep them from reoccurring. This will then allow you to keep gambling under your list of past-times and a healthy hobby.

Things to Consider While Playing

1. Set a budget and stick to it

2. Play safe, make sure the casino has encryption security to protect your personal information

3. Play for entertainment and fun, not a necessity

4. Only play for a specified amount of time

5. Don’t play under the influence

6. Don’t chase losses

7. Be sure to take breaks

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Trying to Make Quick Cash

As mentioned in the above list of things to consider before gambling, playing should be about enjoying yourself, and not because you are trying to get rich. Remember that every online slot has an RTP (Return to Player) percentage that ensures that the house gets a cut of whatever you win, you will always lose a little unless you win a missive prize like a jackpot or another prize from a bonus feature. This, however, is unlikely as slots are games of chance and the chances of you winning such a massive amount of money are one in a million. Becoming reliant on winning is concerning as it can easily put you in debt.


If it has reached the point that a player makes gambling in casinos a priority, this is dangerous and means they are likely having issues. If betting is a priority, then another aspect of the player’s life is being neglected. This could be their family, job, or financial situation. Neglecting any of these could result in social issues such as unemployment and homelessness.

Being Secretive

This can either be a result of denial that there is a problem or due to feelings of embarrassment. This secretive behavior results in the person getting defensive and angry if confronted with the problem behavior. Such feelings of shame are often due to a subconscious knowledge that they are doing something wrong but are then too embarrassed to seek help. The best advice is to seek help if you think you or someone else needs it.

In recent years responsible gambling has garnered a lot of awareness about prevention, as well as, help for addictive behavior. This has resulted in players getting the help they need and helping other players to practice caution. There are many organizations that assist with responsible gambling; all you need to do is type into a search engine, “gambling addiction”. Keep the fun going by being sure that you are only playing to have fun.