Commercial burglary is, unfortunately, a very real threat. It’s virtually impossible to prevent it from happening, but that there are ways to reduce the risk of your business becoming a target of burglars. Before you start installing the latest security features, it may be worth checking whether you’re at increased risk and if so, deal with the risk factors first.

Graffiti. In addition to potentially projecting the wrong image of your business, graffiti – according to the Metropolitan Police – also put you at increased risk of commercial burglary. So if there are any graffiti on the walls of your business premises, it’s a good idea to have them removed or repainted as soon as possible.

Outdated door and window locks. Even though burglars adapt very quickly to security advances and use highly sophisticated tools to break in without being seen or heard, they usually prefer the good old-fashioned locks as they often allow them to force themselves within in a matter of seconds. So anything that makes it more difficult for them to break in reduces the risk of burglary considerably.

If you are unsure whether your locks are secure enough, you are highly advised to consult an expert as soon as possible. According to an emergency locksmith London, most business owners are unaware that their door and window locks are outdated until the worst happens.

Poor outside lighting. The darker it is, the less likely someone will notice burglars breaking in. Thus, it is no surprise that poor outside lighting is one of the top risk factors for commercial burglary. So, if you have any bulb that need changing, you are highly advised to do it sooner rather than later.

Rubbish bags. It’s not clear what the connection is between burglary and rubbish bags, but according to the Metropolitan police, having rubbish bags in front of your business premises makes you more likely to become the target of burglars. For that reason, it is a good idea to ensure there are no rubbish bags sitting anywhere near your place of work.

Overgrown greenery. Trees and large bushes are an ideal hiding place. In addition, they make it less likely for someone to notice criminal activity around your business premises. This doesn’t mean you should cut down all the trees and throw out all the bushes, but it is definitely a good idea to have them pruned if overgrown.